I was looking at different options for an obedience class for my 6 month old boxer and i stumbled upon the CDTC website and it looks to me like a solid program but i havent been able to find any kind of reviews. Does anyone have any experience or heard anything about them?
Here is there link if you wanna tell me what you think based on it…http://www.carolinadogtrainingclub.com/h…


  1. LizzyB

    looks like a good club. It’s AKC sanctioned. That means they are approved and offer shows under AKC standards. That also means they are likely a very serious training group. But it shows they offer puppy classes and beginners. I would contact them about “pet” classes to make sure that your first first training sessions are not too strict. Your first classes should be fun as well as instructive for both you and your dog.

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