As long as the dog in training has a vest or other form of identifying them as a service dog in training they should have similar rights. As they are not fully trained and certified, they may be turned away or need permission in some places, especially in schools, hospitals, and work places. It would be a good idea to alert a public place like a zoo, historical place or any area where pets are not allowed. They should be willing to allow a service dog in training, but they do like to know ahead of time. Some organizations that train service dogs have group outings to these places.


  1. Kate M

    Yes as long as they are wearing the cape thing or have an ID attached somewhere saying they are. We see em here all the time in grocery stores and such. Some are seeing eye dogs in training….some are registered comfort dogs (with the coat and all). Pretty funny. Once I walked into a store and there was a puppy in training going nuts lol. Poor thing probably won’t graduate.

  2. Baa_Baa_

    In the city I live in they do. Since they are training to be service dogs they need to be trained in locations that they would actually be working in. Like walking their impaired owner through a grocery store or a fast food restaurant.

  3. Raevyn

    My friend trains a service guide dog and he’s allow to go everywhere an actual service dog can. He goes to high school, on planes, trains, and wherever.

  4. Righteous James

    I would say yes, providing the service dog in training has that clearly labled on his cape or something.

  5. Ellen

    depends on how the training was set up.
    Are u getting paid…then YES..
    if no pay…I would say nope

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