My dog has bitten my son and I want to find him a home where someone can better train him than I. I just dont feel I have the time or money to have him professionally trained. He is not a bad dog but he is big(great dane) and agressive and needs professional help. The great dane rescue wont take him because he has bitten.


  1. lbcaruso

    Try they are a “no kill” non-profit agency that will foster animals out until they can find a suitable home for the animal. They are extremely particular about what home the animal goes to and all animals are kept up on vet visits and medications if needed.
    This is a great alternative

  2. roxie_29

    If You Take Him To A Shelter he WILL be put Down…Shelters cant/Wont Adopt out a Dog that has these issues and even if you lie they will work with him enough before adoption to figure out he’s aggressive..He will Be Put Down! I would put an Add in the Paper Stating His Problems..But Dont Give him away…Make them Pay for Him as a Free Dog People Tend to look at as Worthless…I would also make who-ever Buys him Sign a Waiver..Saying that They Knew he Was Aggresive! And Fel These People out..The Right Owner can get him Through this…Good Luck

  3. aqua

    It will be offly hard. I really do not think any shelter would take him. They would most likely put him down. We had the same problem with a dachshund, and they performed tests to see how he reacted. If he passed, they would try and work with him. If he failed, he would have to get put down. Unfortunately he failed. Most professional trainers will not even take an aggressive dog. The only thing I could reccomend, is somebody you know that would take him and try and work with him.

  4. libertyd

    In most places, the best thing for the dog and everyone involved, is to have him put down.
    If he has already bitten, and you give him away or he is rehomed and bites someone else, some states will hold you liable as you knowingly rehomed an aggressive dog.
    If you don’t feel you have the time or money to get him trained, or have his behavior changed professionally, then what makes you think other people will or do? This dog is your responsibility, and his behavior is a direct result of improper training and socialization.
    Please do what is right by him. You owe it to him to have a professional trainer come into your home and work with him before making the decision to get rid of him.
    If you do get rid of him, will you be able to sleep with the thought that he could potentially harm or kill another person due to this aggression? Maybe even another child?
    Is he neutered? An intact dog is 3 times as likely to bite, so maybe you could start there and have him neutered. Maybe he bit because he could smell a female in heat and was frustrated that he couldn’t get to her. There are so many reasons, most of which can be avoided, that could have led to this bite occurring, including how old your son is, how he acts and reacts around the dog, and how he treats the dog in and out of your presence.http://www.libertydogtraining.com for affordable spay/neuter

  5. Laoshu Laoshi

    He might make a good security dog. You should look into people who train dogs for security firms.

  6. Penelope Yelsopee

    There is someone in yahoo groups who does homeopathic treatment for aggressive dogs. Do a search and find her. Her name is Magda.

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