1. TobyFox

    I would figure they would ask you about your dog training experience and why you feel you are qualified.

  2. Runs with Scissors

    Have you ever trained a dog before?
    I would assume that a *good* interview would consist of questions about how you would handler certain training situations, as well as how long you’ve trained, what methods you use, how many dogs you’ve trained, etc.
    But, seeing what I’ve seen going on in the training classes at Petsmart, I’m not impressed with their methods at all!

  3. hunterdo

    Petsmart basically wants a blank slate to work with. They want you to teach their methods and nothing else. They definitely don’t want an experienced handler/trainer going against their methods.
    I bet if you ask the trainers if they have any titles on their dogs, most will say no. If they did, they would be training obedience not “manners”.

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