I just got a 9 month old puppy who needs training. My family hates her because she doesn’t listen and she goes to the restroom inside sometimes. and they said if she does not get trained soon we have to get rid of her. :[
Does anyone have any training tips?
I’m in desperate need of help!


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    To teach bathroom training……
    I’m getting a puppy <3
    So i did a lot of research 🙂
    You just have to bring the dog out side in the morning, after she/he eats and don't give her/him water after 7 p.m. Also, feed him/her food 20 minutes per time and once in the morning, once in the afternoon (like 4)
    you have to praise the puupyy when she/he goes.
    well. i was gonna do paper thingy- not outside soooooo
    Paper training-
    get this absorbable paper thingy for dogs
    spread it in a room (like cover the floor), let him/her use it than praise when you see.
    day by day take away the paper around the place he/she peed or pooped.
    Keep the last two.

  2. mammamay

    Crate Training is the first step. It makes all other issues easier to to address if she is crate trained. Dogs will not sleep in their own waste so she shouldn’t pee/poop in her crate. Make her sleep in it and keep her in it when you can’t keep an eye on her but not for a long time. At 9 months you have your work cut out for you because she is older but it can be done. Lots of time, patience and love are required. Remember, you took on this responsibility and you shouldn’t just “get rid of her”. Work with her and you will see results.

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