This is a follow-up question from a previous question I asked about the Invisible Fence. I know for the next while I need to only transport my dog from the yard in my vehicle until I know she is trained. I wanted to know if anyone had any experience on training the dog to leave the yard on a leash to go for a walk. I already think it is going to be difficult to get her to go because she stays away from the flags and sound, but I need to find a way to take her for a walk. Anyone heard of using a towel and have them walk across it? I would carry her across, but she is going to be a big dog.


  1. DaisyCak

    I trained my dog to walk across the line, as long as he was on the leash. He is so very aware of where the line is – and won’t cross it, even if he doesn’t have his IF collar on.
    He often wears his walk collar while in the back yard and will follow my command while he’s on a leash. He has been trained to heel w/ me when he’s leashed – one day I had him heel and then walked across the line. It took some encouraging, but he did it.
    To keep him from crossing the line, we always switch back to the IF collar after walks. He has associated his leash w/ a walk and trusts me to not walk him into a correction.
    I advise waiting until she is fully trained on the IF. To introduce an exception would just confuse her at this point.

  2. Your Raw Food Life

    You might be able to show her that if you hold the leash and walk across the line then she will be OK. So I would at least put a leash on her and tell her that it is OK to walk with you but not with out you. I will just take a long time. Don’t put the towel because then she will not know what is gong on and if she gets scared knowing that she is close to that line she might bite you or scratch you . But if she is still small enough now. I don’t see why you can not pick her up and walk her over the line cause then she knows if you are with her then it is OK to cross the line.

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