The ones I found so far want to sell you books and CDs on the subject with no clue on some basic instructions. I plan to buy a book but want to first just get an idea if it will work with my dog. I have a clicker but just need a few free instructions on how to start. Maybe someone out there could give me some pointers on the basics of clicker training.


  1. MeL

    I went to puppy training class with my dog at petsmart and they use the click training.. It really works…
    First uou click and treat for a fews minutes so they get the idea that every time you click they get a treat… Everytime my dog uses the bathroom outside, she gets a treat and she knows that.. that way she doesn’t do anything inside the house.. Then you can start training her how to sit, lay down and so on… I would recommend you to enroll on puppy class or beginners class… It’s worth it!!
    Don’t buy expensive books on training, they are good but you can sarch online, try googling… or you can try I’m not sure they have click training.. but they have very good tips.
    Good Luck!!!

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