I need to get rid of fleas on my dogs , house, and yard. does anyone know a natural way to get rid of them and safe for my dogs? any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


  1. rescue member

    You are going to get all the horrible advice about Dawn and garlic – both of which are horribly dangerous for dogs, don’t do it.
    The only thing that works completely is to put a topical flea preventative on the back of your dog’s neck every single month – Frontline or Advantage.
    If your house is infested, nothing “natural” is going to get rid of the fleas – you need an exterminator or a flea killing chemical to do it yourself. Then you vacuum the rugs, sofas, everywhere – throw away the bag.
    You wash all the dog blankets and bedding.
    If your dog is infested, the vet can give you a pill for him, Capstar, which will get the fleas off within a half hour – then apply the monthly Frontline or Advantage. If you do this every month, your dog will NOT have fleas – I have 6 and it always works. we never have fleas and I am in Florida – flea country.
    The Dawn is dangerous, strips the oil from the coat and skin, causes terrible rashes and, if it gets down the dog’s throat, can make him very sick.
    Garlic and onions cause blood diseases in dogs – why people keep recommending garlic is beyond me.
    Please get this situation under control, use chemicals this once, then keep flea free with monthly applications of Frontline or Advantage on your dog.
    Good luck, don’t fool around with “natural” stuff – nothing natural about dish detergent or garlic for dogs, or flea baths and collars – they don’t work well either – the fleas come right back.

  2. Old Lady

    I had friends that went to their grocery store produce department and requested banana stalks – the big ones – they placed them in the house and outside the door that the dog generally went in and out. They did not have flea problems. When the stalk became useless, they threw it out and got a couple more. These are the stalks that bunches of bananas hang from – They didn’t stink in the house, but they got rid of fleas!

  3. frogbfou

    try bathing the dog in dawn dish soap leave it on for five minutes to suffocate the fleas use twenty mules cleaning powder to sprinkle on the yard and carpet areas work it in with a broom leave for about 30 minutes and then vacuum.

  4. flannelp

    Bath in Dawn, and I find lavender and chamomile conditioner a big help, and outside I spray 1 part Dawn and fill the bottle up with water, I spray around the door and some of the yard regularly before or durning my dogs outside time. I have 7 dogs and not many fleas.

  5. Bambi

    Shampoo with lavender scent or lavender oil are supposed to help repel fleas, but it doesn’t kill them.

  6. wife2den

    I’m not sure how to get them out of the house, but to keep them off your dog, add garlic powder to his/her food.

  7. Madison

    You need to get your house sprayed by a pesticide company (their spray is non-toxic and will not harm your animals or family)- I use COOKS pest control and it helps keep fleas away. Also, Frontline is a great product to use on your animals. There really isn’t a natural way to get rid of them- you have to use a product like those.

  8. Best Natural Pet

    For your house and your yard, you will probably need to get an exterminator. As for your dogs, if you don’t want to put that synthetic goo on their skin and coat, there are all natural foods you can feed your dogs to naturally repel fleas, tick, and other unwanted pests. This site has food with all natural repellents.

  9. Talinka

    You can bathe your dog. They will be back soon however. There is really no “Natural way” other than bathing him or buying a perscription or something for him.

  10. the fire within

    Oooh…very hard thing to do. We use Neem Protect Spray; spray it on the dogs every 7-10 days. It is not, however, as effective as some unnatural commercial sprays.
    I’m really sorry, but I don’t think it’s possible to naturally exterminate the fleas in your house. As a last resort, have you and your pets leave for a few days and get a professional exterminator to get rid of them.

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