I have a 8 month old dog that’s a real jumper. I’ve been working on getting him comfortable with small jumps, and I was wondering if anyone had any tips, or good web sites to check out for more information. Thanks a lot!


  1. pocos_pl

    I have just started training my Maltese (yes, agility Maltese) for agility. I know he’s not a traditional agility breed, but I have some agility equipment as enrichment toys in my doggy daycare, and he loves the tunnels and the tire. He likes to go down the slide, so I think we can get him on the A-frame alright.
    It’s great exercise for both of you, a great way to bond with your dog, and just a whole lot of fun all around. Remember, different trainers have different training styles. If the first one doesn’t work, don’t give up. Best of luck.
    Try these sites:http://www.usdaa.com/http://www.agilityability.com/http://dogplay.com/Activities/Agility/ag…

  2. Bella

    um you might want to go to a local petsmart and ask them there if they can help you find something….i know they may not do it there but they usually know where you can go 🙂

  3. ragapple

    Nothing over elbow high till he is about 14 months old and his grown plates have closed! Dogpatch is probaly the best site – clean run is another good one.

  4. Flowerlady NYC

    You can search dog agility training through Yahoo and your state which will help narrow down some local places. Also, our local pet store sells a basic agility set (it’s like $40) which is pretty nice. You can also check with your local AKC or with some breed clubs that might be local. You can also check with the local 4-H for some recommendations.
    Have fun!

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