I’m considering buying the dvd, however his website doesn’t provide enough information and I’d like to know a little more before spending the money. Specifically, does he use punishment?


  1. Lily S

    He is not known as a positive trainer, I can tell you that. According to his website he uses what he’s trademarked as the Command Collar which I would assume is his polite way of referring to a shock/e-collar but appears to be some type of prong collar.
    His site also refers to “correcting” and “off-leash control” and refers to housetraining as “housebreaking”…all terms we don’t use in the positive dog training world.
    Also, usually any trainer who guarantees the dog will learn within minutes…usually referring to unproofed obedience “commands” incorporates aversives and positive punishment and corrections.
    This is not a system I would recommend. I see no where that this “system” is going to be a positive experience for the dog. I see that he is completely against using treats ever.
    He also compares “new-aged training methods” with how dogs communicate with each other. If we needed to communicate with our dogs on their level, they could train each other. This theory makes no sense.
    His site also states that it doesn’t take much time to train a dog using his methods. What’s the point? Dog owners today want a quick-fix but to who’s expense?? The pets!
    I could go on and on but I believe that if you read between the lines on his site, you will see that his training “system” is punishment/correction based.
    I suggest you do a search on positive dog training, join trulydogfriendly at Yahoo groups, research Dr. Ian Dunbar, Pat Miller CPDT, Paul Owens, Karen Pryor, buy some training books from Dogwise.com and you’ll find that there are much more satisfying and effective training methods for those of us who want to succeed in a positive way as well as create a strong, working bond with our pets.
    Good Luck!

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