Have a six month old baby and due to change in weather have noticed a few fleas from the cat, any ideas on a safe way to get rid of them, I have tried so many products in the past but every summer is the same.


  1. buggerlu

    dont waste money at the vets or petshop-get council in for about 30 pounds-they will spray house and you wont have any trouble again for at least a year x

  2. CHRIS

    Frontline. (Brand name) I was absolutely confounded, as well, by the flea problem. One application of Frontline on each cat ends the problem. I mean, ENDS the problem. I was flabberghasted at how well it works. It is a concentrate in a small plastic tube, and the vet can apply it for you if you would ask him to. It is applied just behind the neck, but before the cat’s shoulders, right against the cat’s skin. How it works is a mystery to me, but I can assure you from our home with two cats and no fleas that this way will work for you, as well. Any questions you might have may be addressed directly to the vet. I wish you complete success no matter what you decide to do. Sent to you with compassion for a difficult situation from Chris in South Portland, Maine, U.S.A. (I am 63 years old.)

  3. Bigbob

    mix vinegar with water for an old timey method of naturally killing and getting rid of fleas and their eggs. spray cat and bedding and you must respray every time in and out for about three days until cat is saturated with the vinegar smell clear white vinegar-it’s cheap also

  4. bobcat

    they’re a pain aren’t they,you could go the vets and get frontline for the cats and a spray called staykill for the house.or you could get the frontline from the vets and get the enviromental health out to spray the house.hope this helps

  5. midnight

    You could get Frontline or Advantix for the cat. Then you could add a couple of drops of white vinegar to his water dish, the acid makes him not so tasty to bite. Now you need to treat your yard and house.

  6. Paula

    I know it has already been said, but Frontline really does work. My cats (3) all had fleas and after giving them a frontline dose they were clear within 24 hours and since then have not become reinfected. It is also true that the cheap supposed flea killers you find in the pet aisles in supermarkets are just a waste of money and your time. Good luck x
    The answer given about the council doing the house is good idea aswell.

  7. Karen

    Over the counter remedies do not work! Go to your vets, who can provide you with the correct, safe, EFFECTIVE treatment for your cat.

  8. Product Review

    Never deal with chemicals or cleaning solvents when your pregnant. Let someone else do it. Including spray deodorants, CFC, anti-fungal with butane, sudafed, allergic medicines, asperin,…
    Bug bites, spider vemom might affect you.
    You might choose electronic bug repellants such as lights to avoid bugs.
    It does not matter if you get rid of the cat, insects are insects.
    1. Try pet shampoo for ticks and fleas.
    2. Tick and flea collars, or pet medical injections.
    3. Every 3 – 4 week spray of tick and fleas, and bugs. Let someone else do it, since your with child.
    4. Close and spray garbage container areas. Always wear googles, gloves, shoes, and janitor coverups. Bugs fly and bite. Its recommended you do also when using cleaning to avoid acid burns from clorox, ajax, mr.clean, bleach, joybrite,…
    5. Pet spray for fleas and ticks.
    6. Try a HEPA filter fan. Gets rid of extra cat hair and smell. This product is specificly for pollen, allergies, smog, dust. Measure the room first, some are under $80.00 Bonair, Honeywell, …
    Put dates on the pet collars, and calendar the spray times.
    – Go to a vet, then ask. Or the pet store clerk.

  9. One Tree Hill

    Frontline Plus has worked best for me. Just a bit applied to the back of the cat’s neck does the trick. And as long as you keep the baby from the cat long enough for the medicine to dry, it should be safe.

  10. ?

    Get a vet prescription for Frontline, use a collar and any other product available and quickly for the safety and health of your baby. Once fleas infest a house it’s very difficult to get rid of them.

  11. camping_

    I had this problem with my cat last year, and this was the best thing that I could do. I used Frontline Plus on him as often as the package said to use. I had to use 6 doses on him. Then, I gave him a bath every week with a flea shampoo to reduce the amount of fleas and eggs. (It’s OK to use the shampoo with the Frontline because the Frontline goes down to their scalp and is used systemically. When a flea bites your cat, it’s dead.) Then I went to WalMart and bought the foggers to bomb my house and had to do that 2 or 3 times. It’s time consuming and costly, but it worked. I think I spent over $100, but they were gone in about 3 months. Good luck.

  12. Suzie

    If the fleas have left their eggs in carpeting etc, it does not matter how much you de-flea the cat, the flea eggs will hatch and jump back on the cat. Make sure you deflea the whole house when you deflea the cat. Then make sure you deflea every month to stay on top of it.

  13. Burlap

    obviously fitting a flea collar and using a flea shampoo on the cat is a start. cover your carpets and furniture in ash, sterile so they cant live in it, then hoover, or you can get these things you plug in that send a frequency throughout the wiring system of your home that keep just about everything away

  14. chuckima

    First of all you must let your cat out, and that’s your first mistake. To get rid of fleas, get a spray and spray where the cat sleeps and your carpeting, then there are remedies at your pet store that will keep them away.
    Congratulations on your new baby and I’m glad you don’t believe all the falsehoods about cats.

  15. ramall1t

    first off, get the cat to a vet and get some flea protection from them. Then take the baby out and spray the area with a malathion spray or something similar that kills fleas. You will have to do the treatment several times over a couple of months as they lay their eggs and then will come back. check with the vet to find the exact time frames to spray for them. That will take care of them for good if you take the preventative action of making sure the cat is protected from fleas and then spray the outside of the house every year.

  16. grldrago

    Take the cat to get a flea dip and leave at vet for a few hours. I would go to either Petco, or petsmart and ask about powder to put in carpet that you leave a few hours, then vacuum, and go! While the powder is on the carpets, take clothes lying around, and bedding to wash. Buy raid that kills fleas and spray in remaining areas. Also they sell these plug inns at petsmart that you plug in outlets (preferably close to your bed, since cats like to hang out on beds) and put them there.
    When cat comes home, bedding will be clean, house will be vacuumed, and there may not be fleas to bother you much longer.
    Ask to Vet while you’re there, about monthly anti flea drops or your cat, in the summer, worth every penny!

  17. want_to_

    Ha Ha… I’ve got a similar problem – Little buggers were everywhere.. Poor cat – scratching all day…
    The solution….
    Flea tablets from local pet shop – small tablet – about 30 mins to 1hr after taking – cat will go mad scratching.. about 2hrs later – brush him & watch all the fleas fall out – dead!
    Next – Flea bomb (Petshop or tescos) set one off in the affected rooms – leave the house for about 2 hrs – all fleas dead!
    Put flea collar on cat to make sure
    Job done!
    Have fun 😉

  18. Sweetpea

    I always comb & brush my cat,Fred every day….he dosnt wear a flea collar….& he hasnt got any fleas….I also buy a flea pipette solution from the vets….no probs….

  19. mia_viol

    The powders are a mess. I went through this a long time ago, and so I can’t remember the name of the product, grr, but; there are some sprayable flea medications out there (at your local pet store) that did wonders for me. You have to spray the cat all over with the stuff, and keep baby away (maybe keep the cat isolated in one room while the spray is on them). The spray killed all the fleas, and after I rinsed the cat off, it was like she’d just left a cat salon. You have to treat the perimeter of your home as well. Fleas like to live under carpet by the walls, and treating the cat is a waste if you don’t treat the environment, since they will just hop on your cat again.
    I never had flea problems again. Good luck!

  20. Adrian M

    First you need to have your pet on a flea program, I have used “PROGRAM AND ADVANTAGE” if your cat is an outside – inside cat purchase a fertilizer dispenser, the kind you attach to your garden hose, pour some liquid detergent and spray your entire yard, it will not harm plants or grass but I have been told that soap kills fleas by blocking their air ways.
    I must be doing something right since none of my cats have fleas this time of year.

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