i am almost 38 weeks pregnant and all of a sudden have a flea problem……dont want to use any chemicals or anything since i am pregnant but i dont want fleas on my baby when she comes home…someone please help me. i have read to use salt has anyone else tried that?


  1. monte54q

    I’m assuming the fleas are in the carpet? Do not use salt. It will cause damage to your carpet without killing the fleas. Boric acid is safe and effective. It works by dehydrating the flea. The fleas basically lose too much body water to live. The problem is you can’t vacuum once you put it down until the fleas are dead. It will work and is safe. Don’t allow anyone to talk you into spraying chemicals. You and your baby will be exposed to these pesticides and eventually your baby will be crawling on the chemically treated carpet. Not good………………..Good luck

  2. Seema K

    The safest and cheapest method of getting rid of fleas is to use a mixture of boric acid and salt. The powder should be sprayed on carpets, bedding and areas frequented by pets. More information on getting rid of fleas is available at http://pests.in/fleas.html

  3. judy s

    take a small, shallow dish fill water. Put a squirt or two of joy dish soap in it. Put on the floor with a light shining onto it. Put several of these around. Don’t know why it works, it just does. Good Luck.

  4. T.R

    Try some baby powder or even cooking flour. The fleas inhale the dust and won’t survive long enough to get to water. Put a lot down and don’t vaccuum for a while. If you have somewhere you could stay for a couple of days, have someone spray with Bengal Flea Killer. It really works the best with less chance of reinfestation because is kills the flea eggs too–the powder substance won’t. Hope this helps!

  5. Tom K

    Use the chemicals, but have it done while you are in the hospital or birthing center. They dissipate rapidly.

  6. stenobra

    I second the soapy water with a light over it. The fleas jump to the light and fall in the water. Note that it works best at night in an otherwise darkened room.
    You can also get sticky traps that do the same thing – a nightlight that plugs in with a sticky pad behind it.
    Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum. Seal up the vacuum bag in a plastic bag and throw away immediately after you are done.
    Do you know where the fleas are coming from? If you have pets, clean their bedding a lot and flea comb them.

  7. linda_c_

    I Have heard dawn dish soap kills fleas (giving them a bath in it)
    I use to have a neighbor that gave her dog a bath in lemon juice, she swore by that.
    You can take your dog to a groomers and have them professionally dipped.. before the baby is born and have your house professionally done before the baby is born and then keep a vet recommended flea and tick treatment on your pet.. have your yard treated by a professional also..
    In this day there should be some companies out there that are organic based………. all natural.
    good luck and congrats to you.

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