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  1. Laura

    I had inquired about this program myself some years ago. I have heard both positive and negative reviews. I believe that these reviews are based on an individuals approach to dog training. Tom Rose works with the likes of Belgian Malinois, a smart and obedient breed, however, a very serious and watchful dog with strong protective and territorial instincts, that needs a serious job to do. For this reason, one’s approach to training a dog breed like this would be different then that of, let’s say, a Golden Retriever. In my opinion from what I learned of the school is that it’s top-notch. I believe this school is versatile enough that one will learn how to approach many different breeds of dogs and be successful in it’s training.
    There is one other school that I had inquired about that is located in Austin, Tx. The name of this school is Triple Crown Academy. http://www.schoolfordogtrainers.com
    My top pick would be Tom Rose, yet again, consider the type of training that your trainer/junior handler is aiming for and if poosible, have her visit both schools with a list of questions she might have. I wish her the best 🙂

  2. Dutchman

    If you were involved in schutzhund at all, you would’ve heard of him. All I know is, I’ve seen some pretty piss poor “certified” helpers come out of there. But, that goes with all dog training “schools”.

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