I heard it costs around $500. I’m 16 and don’t have that kind of money, but my dog has a severe aggression problem.


  1. Rosalie

    You can most likely find more skilled help at your local humane society or SPCA – ask them for a recommendation. BB is a chain, and that’s fine for dogs that need basic training, but you need advice as much as training if your dog has a serious aggression problem. Depending upon what the situation is, it may or may not be something you can fix – and you need to know that, but only from a qualified evaluator that wokrs with a reputable rescue, not a trainer. Trainers and behaviourists are dfifferent.
    A dog with a ‘severe aggression problem’ is more likely than not an unhappy dog, and a dangerous one as well. While you will always be able to find those who will line up and guarantee results, the best thing to realize is that the only thing you can pretty much guarantee is that someone could get hurt, and whether it be you or someone else, it is also likely that you will eventually be the subject of a lawsuit, and a big one at that.
    After a certain point, it is important to realize that a dog that feels as if they must strike out at others is not happy with their life, and it’s better for it to be over. This isn’t just for your convenience, it is for the dog to be at peace and out of the constant feeling of insecurity. It is a generous act of kindness to let it end.
    Many dogs are euthanized each day – and a lot of those dogs would have gotten along with others just fine. It is far better to use that place for a dog that does not feel as if they have to fight their way through life, but can peacefully coexist.
    Have your dog evaluated by a qualified evaluator, and go from there. While some things can be fixed, realize that others just cannot.
    Rescue is not an easy business, and sometimes the hardest choice is the right one – even for the dog.
    Good luck – let me know if you need more help.
    In the meantime, be careful.

  2. Proud

    Why not call and speak to them? Considering I’ve never heard of the place and am not sure where its even located, I can’t offer any help. If you call, they should be more than happy to answer any questions you have. They should also be happy to offer references if you request them.

  3. Brasky

    Bark Busters is a franchise now. Overly concerned with money, commercialized and they use some WEIRD training exercises. I don’t care for them at all.
    A dog with severe aggression will need something more than obedience training to be helped.

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