My family and I are seriously thinking about getting a dog, pregerably a shih tzu or a lhasa apso (sorry about the spelling) but before getting one we need a lot of info about to train it, what they eat etc does anyone a really good website on where i can get this information


  1. waterlov

    Realize that the two breeds you mentioned have grooming issues.You will have to spend the money about every 5-6 week getting them groomed/haircut.That aside, everyone has to be on the same page as far as training.Example: if Mom doesn’t want dog on furniture but kids let the dog.This confuses a dog, Take the puppy to puppy class.This generally is at about 4 months of age.He will have had enough puppy shots by then.Remember trainers are training you to train the dog.You will need to feed the pup 3 times per day a good brand of food,take him out to go potty alot to the same spot out the same door.Use a key word like”go potty” he will get the idea.Crate him when you can’t watch him.I found an excellent web site that offers everything you would need it’s
    They have excellent customer service.Good luck getting the pup.If you haven’t decided boy or girl know boy dogs are more mushy/needy and girl dogs are great and don’t pee on every little thing.Good luck.

  2. SearchGr

    here are some search results for “dog training”

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