Any area is okay, as I’m willing to travel. I DO NOT WANT LINKS TO THE ABC, I am not an online class person, and I feel that that is a lazy way out. Also, you can only learn so much online, without hands on work.
Any one know of any? Any suggestions?


  1. DogAddic

    Amy, I would really just suggest you find yourself a good mentor. Some of the schools, even when the come highly recommended, aren’t worth anything. I’ve met several people that have spent a good bit of money on training schools, and they could’ve learned so much more in their own backyard. Certifications in dog training mean nothing. Once you’ve mastered your craft, you get endorsed. That would be my suggestion. Good luck.

  2. MrNatura

    Personally I would never take my dog to a training school.
    There are lots of good books out there, and free info on the
    Internet, besides, it is not only the dog that needs to be trained, it is also the dog owner believe it or not. A friend of
    mine sent their dog off to a training camp and it cost them
    $3,000. I started off with a dog training for dummies book,about $20, and lots of free info on the Internet, and my
    5 month old shepherd really outshines their 2 year old.
    I can even walk through a group of people without a leash and he never leaves my side untill I tell him o-k. The number
    of tricks I have taught him is unbelievable and at 5 months we have just begun. It is a very rewarding feeling to do it yourself. Get to know your dog real well, and discover the bad habbits
    that come naturally to the owner and it is easy. The down
    side is that you have to spend about half an hour every day
    training and retraining, but well worth it.

  3. Desoto

    only the book work is online in ABC. You don’t need a class room to read and write. The whole second half of the course is all hands on you log volunteer hours at shelters and then get to spend up 21 weeks shadowing an experienced trainer and working with clients and dogs Its a very thorough program, the best I have seen.

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