I have tried so many different products and bombed my house many times already this summer. But I can’t seem to kill off the eggs I guess. My dogs have frontline on them, and it works pretty good, but the fleas are still in the carpet. They are real bad in the basement, and the animals don’t spend much time down there. Any one have any ideas what I can do? Need Help.


  1. Bozema

    If Frontline hasn’t stopped the infestation and it’s that bad, I’d actually call a professional exterminator. The bombs and such are actually more toxic than the stuff the professionals use and they will do a better job. Then just make sure you keep up the Frontline monthly and you should have it licked.

  2. Lady B

    If you cannot afford an exterminator, try going to your vets office and they have some items that are very strong and not sold in any store. Use every product from treating your yard and just outside your house to all up inside the house. It should help. Frontline helps like you said but sometimes doesn’t get them all and if not they produce more than rabbits.

  3. Jelly Bean

    I read somewhere that Borax 20-Mule team washing soap gets rid of fleas. I tried it and it worked well. It is about two dollars for a box and all you do is sprinkle it on your carpet, let it sit for twenty-four hours, then vacuum it up. As long as the frontline is working on the dogs, this should do the trick for the carpets.

  4. eadmon

    de-flea your house, wash all linen’s, wash the dogs – put capstar on the dogs and then 24 hrs later put frontline on the dog(s)..unless you get them out of the house – the fleas that is, you’ll never contain the problem, It is not easy..been there… done that many times…..

  5. Help

    You may have to find and use different products,as fleas will get immune to the same product.You might try sprinkling some Sevin dust in your basement,lawn and even put it on your pet,as the 5 % dust is very safe for your pet.

  6. firefite

    you gotta treat the YARD too!! the dogs have frontline on the back of their necks, the fleas can hop onto their legs, tails, rumps, etc. then get a free ride into the house. they probably get up to the frontline stuff and hop off to get away from it. hire a professional to come treat the yard and house while you take the flea “carriers” to the groomer to get flea baths.

  7. Linz ♥ VT

    Jelly Bean has the best answer in my opinion, take her advice! Fleas are parasitic, meaning if they can’t live on the dogs, they can’t live. So if you just kill the ones in the basement, and keep the dogs in Frontline, you should be fine!! I have told you this biatch 🙂

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