I am thinking of signing my dog up for their training, but is it worth the money?


  1. Crazy dog lady

    I took one of my pups to begginer obediance class. I think it was worth it. it was $100 for 10 weeks. my dog learned sit,stay,down,wait, among other things which I could have taught at home. but the trainer is there to answer and help with any other issues you may have with your dog. plus it was nice to have that time set aside each week for training, and class gave me an incentive to work on training with my dog every day.

  2. GitEmGan

    Not just “No.” but “HEL* NO!!!”.
    Contact your local (COUNTY!) kennel club!! They’re ALL listed at the AKC site!!!

  3. bon b

    I also took my puppy to the beginner class. It was very good. I think it depends on the particular trainer, ours happened to be very good.
    I hope you have a good experience too. It was a ton of information for reletively low cost.
    Good Luck, and have fun!!

  4. Sunshine

    I took both of my puppies to the new start training. I found it a great way to get us all off to a good start, learning how we should train them. After that we’ve gone our own way, but I think it’d be worth your while.

  5. goodinte

    I took my five month old puppy to the puppy class and so did my sister with her pug, we both liked it pretty good.

  6. tlctreec

    It is a great place to start and a great place to socialize a pup.
    I highly recommend their classes. They are not expensive and you will learn how to teach the dog and the dog will be exopsed to other dogs and new people. It is a good easy way to get lots done.
    If you like what they do and are wanting to continue with training you may want to get with a trainer who specializes in what event you are looking at doing. Like Field hunting or obedience or shutz hound agility or even lure coursing.
    The main thing is to have fun and bond with your pet.

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