1. missinge

    yes it does work but you have to use it often. On the cat and the house and yard. It is better than the commercial flea powders. don’t miss using it cause of the eggs they will still hatch. It is okay to use around people who are allergic to chemicals.

  2. PuffsMom

    Yes, it does work. A few years ago a company in Napa, CA, came to my apartment and put diatomaceous earth on the carpets and in every crack and crevice they could find. Within a week all the fleas vanished. You have to make sure there aren’t any fleas on your pets, and don’t vacuum for about a week or you’ll pick up all the powder and the fleas will be back.

  3. anonymou

    I used it one time outside around the house. I didn’t use it in the house beause if you ar your pet breathe it it can be very harmful.

  4. WP Autoblogging Plugin

    its worth a try, diatoms are very crystaline in the earth and are supposed to cut into the body of the flea and cause it to dry out and die, however its small enough it doesnt hurt the pet. do let us know if it did work for you.

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