I applied frontline on my dog 12 days ago. But we live in an apartment and he picks up new fleas each time we go outside. Does frontline kill the new fleas that jump on him?


  1. Rosalie

    Yes, eventually, but that doesn’t mean they won’t hop off and get into your apartment. Go to Petco or PetsMArt and get a can of diatomaceous earth – it’s very finely ground fossilized seashells, which you dust on the floor and into carpets. That stuff will kill the fleas by scoring their exoskeletons and drying them up, prevent ing an infestation.

  2. transman

    Yes, Frontline (and Frontline Plus) will kill new fleas for at least 4 to 6 weeks after application. It is best to apply it once a month. Also, don’t bathe your dog several days before or after you apply it, because the oil on the skin of your dog helps spread out the Frontline.

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