The only time she has ever had fleas was when we first got her as a kitten, and that led to worms but she got treated and now she is a year and I am wondering if shes getting fleas again. I found these small “horseshoe” shaped brown things on her, like the size of a tip of a ballpoint pen. She is an outdoor cat so I know it could just be dirt but I have never seen these before on her and theres probably 10 we found. The look like little dried up worms but we need to know ASAP so we can get some flea meds for her if needed. Even the name of this, if it is a worm or flea, would help then I could further research it. Thanks!


  1. hudsongr

    Well, neither fleas or their dirt are horseshoe shaped. Can you take a sample in an envelope to a vet’s office and have them look at it?
    Sometimes cats roll in stuff. One of ours came in, he had black dots all over his shoulders and scruff and first thing I thought was ‘fleas!” but a closer look it turned out he’d been playing under the colombine bushes and the flowers had seeded all over him, getting caught in his fur.
    Could be dirt, could be nothing. If it’s not moving, and you have a tight toothed comb and that doesn’t show any live fleas after you try brushing the shoulder, back and butt area, then you likely don’t have fleas.

  2. birdgirl

    This is “flea dirt” you are seeing which consists of flea poop or dried blood. If your cat goes outside you need to be using a flea product such as Advantage of Fronline.

  3. Ask A Black Guy

    Go purchase Frontline at your vet. It works for 4 months and just apply it down the back of the cat. Don’t pet her when you apply and it dries quickly but make sure she doesn’t rub it off.

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