I just moved into my apartment and it has fleas. Bad. The manager won’t do anything! My son and I are sensitive to chemicals and I can’t afford to move again. Any suggestions for non and/or low toxic household treatments , like for beds, carpets etc and how to keep them away?


  1. OhioRob2

    At night or in the dark anyways put a light directly over a shallow container of water. The fleas will be drawn to the light and land in the water and drowned. This just works for adult fleas and not their eggs.But it will cut down on their numbers.They also do not like the herb Pennywort.

  2. barbara m

    I just bought a can of Enforcer Flea Killer for carpets at walmart in the pet aisle. It works like carpet fresh, just sprinkle it on the carpets & leave it for a couple hrs, then vacuum. It’s cinnamon scented. It says it breaks the life cycle. You just have to keep kids off it til it’s vacuumed. If you want chemical free, I heard about using regular table salt, sprinkle on the carpets. I did this & left it for a couple days before vacuuming, & it seemed to work. I still have a few fleas, but I have 2 cats, so it’ll take me awhile to get rid of them all.

  3. Lisa

    I would say the spray is your best bet. Try a fogger/bug bomb. Set it off in the morning and leave for the day. Comeback open up the appt. around noon and go back out for a few hours. Then vac. and wipe down everything.
    Hope this helps.

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