that haven’t been sold or did they enter the world to start with? how do you rid them if they ever get here. why do cats like ratz if the rat fleas kill people?


  1. THE"IS"

    rats or fleas won’t go where theres nothing to eat,cats like rats because they taste like steak to you,i use bengel for fleas,and i usual run the cats off or shoot them

  2. thewrang

    Actually, its not the ‘flea’ itself that kills… its the virus that can be carried by the flea. Fleas will actually go ‘dormant’ in an empty house – they’ll hibernate – and wake up when they feel someone walking on the floor. So, a house can be empty for 6 months… and if it had fleas before…they’ll still be there later (if nothing was done to get rid of them). Usually, to rid a home completely of fleas, its necessary to treat the home at least twice…. once to kill the current adult fleas, and again to kill the fleas that were eggs when the first treatment was made. (Some insecticides work pretty good even against the eggs, but I’ve found its almost always necessary to treat a home at least twice, to get rid of ALL of them)
    Raid makes an excellent little fogger. Works great on all indoor insects. Just follow the directions on the package. I use them as ‘insect bombs’ when necessary, and follow up with Ortho home insecticide. (Both items can be found at your local hardware or building supply store). I’ll take the Ortho, and spray it (inside the home) along the walls, kickplates of cabinets, wherever the counter meets the wall, and exterior entryways. Then I’ll take it outside and spray along the foundation… from the ground up, to about 6 inches. This helps provide a ‘barrier’ against further insect intrusion. The outside has to be reapplied every so often, depending on weather, and insect activity.
    The only thing you can do better, is to contract with a pest control company.
    Good Luck

  3. Sir Pieman

    There’s several ways they could have got there. To get rid of them though, you’re going to have to bomb the place. Try Raid Max Foggers in the blue box.

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