I’ve used it with success with multiple dogs.
I use it to correct incessant nuisance behavior in puppies, like biting and barking. Verbal corrections always preface it but when the puppy doesn’t get the hint, he gets gently placed on his back and held down until he stops the behavior and stops resisting.
I’ve had to do this a maximum of 3 times. Usually only once or twice and I never have to deal with the behavior again.


  1. philippines travel agency

    Of course not.
    Only the blind & spineless never discipline their animals.
    Whatever form that takes depends on the the dog *&* the human.
    The old,tried & true,”Start out as easy as you can,go as hard as you have to” should be ingrained in trainers heads.
    But people can rarely learn & adjust-“Dats what granny told me.” &”Oooo,dats mean” & “I heard that….” are unfortunately the only way they can do much of anything in life.

  2. VERY Tenacious

    Every breeder that knows what they are doing alpha rolls every puppy during every day handling and socializations. From day 3 through 16 holding the pup in various positions, including on it’s back, is part of Early Neurological Stimulation (superdog program)
    A properly socialized and trained dog does not have “issues” and doesn’t need to be alpha rolled.
    All this means is that the only dogs that need to be alpha rolled are the ones that you wouldn’t dare alpha roll, because they would eat your face off if you tried.

  3. T J

    The alpha roll is about 20 years out of date. Most good trainers don’t use that method these days because there are far better training methods. Like everything else, training has evolved.
    In the wild the alpha dog did not roll any other dog at all. That is a misconception, the submissive dog rolled of its own accord in deference to the alpha.
    I’ve trained Rottweilers without ever resorting to alpha rolling. There are far better ways of restraining an out of control pup without alpha rolling them.

  4. teacup raincoat

    Im glad it works for you
    But it does more harm than good.
    An alpha wolf is confident enough to not hesitate. He/she knows (as do the other wolves) that he can take down any other wolf.
    We are not dogs. Therefore we should not try things like that.
    It actually causes more agression
    I can go on and on
    But you get the idea.

  5. Cassie-Dane & Bully Breed lover

    the one and only time I did it, was with my JRT when he was attacking me.
    It only made his attacks worse and then it took me a week to gain his trust back, he wouldn’t come near me and even hid in his “den”.
    Never again. It’s dangerous and I’m not gonig to scare my animals into listening.
    just FYI, I adopt him without knowing he was human aggressive.

  6. KHAYOS-supprt HR1207!!!!

    Only with puppies! Alpha rolling an adult or even an adolescent dog could result in being seriously bitten. A lower ranking pack member OFFERS a submissive position to a higher ranking member. The higher ranking dog does NOT physically roll the lower ranking member onto its back.

  7. puplovet

    I agree that it can be a useful technique for a puppy or adolescent. I would not advise an inexperienced handler to try it with an adult dog though – especially if the dog has shown any signs of aggression,

  8. Point and Flush

    Personally, I think it has a place when training puppies, but not adult dogs. My dog will roll over all by himself if he thinks he’s in trouble….

  9. Kip's Mom *** ***

    I work with positive training techniques. I have had very good results without rolling a dog into a submissive state.

  10. Oodles of Poodles

    It really doesn’t. It may work for puppies in certain situations. But not for fully grown dogs to cure everything from aggression to barking. It doesn’t work.
    The alpha roll first started with observing wolf packs. A group of wolves were captured from the wild and put together in a pen. These wolves were all from different wolf packs and scared out of their minds. They did the alpha roll, but it was an attack, not a dominance thing. These wolves were showing aggression! The researchers later came out and said the alpha roll shouldn’t be used.
    I have never seen a well-socialized and well-behaved dog use the alpha roll. When my own dogs first met they didn’t get along so well. But they never forced the other on her back. Finally, my dog showed submission by rolling voluntarily on her back and showing her belly.
    The alpha roll is dangerous. Imagine a dog in a scary situation with another dog. Suddenly, a person comes over to you, pins you on your back, and holds you there. That dog is going to struggle and bite. The dog will eventually give up, but out of fear and exhaustion, not submission.
    The alpha roll can increase problems in dogs. And some dog trainers have had to fix major problems after an alpha roll has been preformed. I have never used the alpha roll. I used positive training and work with behavior problems using rewards and patience. And it worked. It wasn’t the quickest way, but I had fun and my dog had fun.
    I would never recommend anyone use the alpha roll. It’s dangerous for the person and the dog. It can work for young puppies, but that’s the only time.

  11. Talltail

    When you train your dog the whole point is for “you” to be the alpha male/female. You are the “pack leader” Im pretty sure this is how 90% of people train their dogs I don’t know where you heard that it didnt have a role in dog training??
    It has always worked for me I dont believe it causes more aggression. Of course with my husky I dont go crazy with the whole “Alpha female” just when I open a door She wait until I go in and I tell her she can come in. When she eats she waits until I put the food down and say ok…things like that…
    Have you ever heard someone say ” that stupid dog just won’t listen to me, but he listens to my wife “. This usually happens when a family gets a dog. The pup right off the bat knows who it has to listen to and who it doesn’t. If the father or mother takes the time to train the pup, whoever sets the example gets the respect. Let’s say the father can’t get a handle on training the dog, yet the mother has no problem. Why would this happen? One reason and one reason only, the mother set the stage and let the pup know she is the boss. The father on the other hand may not have used the same approach. In the case of the mother, the pup has submitted to her, and as far as he is concerned mom is the top dog in this pack. The dog is second and the father is third.

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