1. W.

    First of all you don’t “cure a worst behavior”. Unacceptable behavior is not a disease to be cured.It is modified into an acceptable behavior. Every dog is individual and learns at its own pace. I am a trainer and would never tell a client they could train their dog in 6 days without evaluating both the dog and the owner first.

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    I haven’t tried that system but there’s nothing that indicates it’s a scam. If you’re worried about that you should pay attention during the checkout process, make sure it’s verified, check on contact numbers, etc.
    Dog training information can certainly be organized in a way that’s clear and concise and that will make your job easier. Whether it works or not will depend to a large extent on you, whether it’s this program or any other. Most dog problem behaviors trace back to either breed instinct or human action.
    I disagree with those who are saying you can figure it out on your own. Maybe you can, but there’s plenty of bad information out there, which is being compounded by the Cesar Millan phenomenon.
    McConnell is very good, and very knowledgeable, but her books are full of interesting facts more than specific guidance about how to do X,Y, or Z (except the booklets which are step by step, if prolix).

  3. Lioness

    I am of the very strong opinion that dog training is very much like weight loss. There is no magic pill, no book that you can read and instantly know everything you need to know to achieve your goals, and no magic “program” other than hard work.
    I recommend books like Dogs for Dummies, and anything Patricia McConnel writes…the more you read, the more you will learn and the better you will be at training your dog.
    When things sound too good to be true – they usually are.

  4. '♥' Mandie '♥'

    I would say it “might” work over time as another said there is no quick fix.
    Although it’s not rocket science to train your dog. I wouldn’t think you would need a video. Maybe that’s just me. All your dog needs to train them is time and patience.
    So I would say to be on the safe side don’t do it.

  5. 00

    its a scam the only way to train a dog is with recpect and reward hard work and patience (i cant train my dog, so i thought he never sits wen asked but if he wants something, his way of asking is to push me for attention sit and wave one paw then lay down rollover sit up and beg, but you ask him to do any of those when hes not interested) i took mine to dog training classes he knows all the moves but only uses them on his terms, thats where the patience comes in and i cant get the hang of it

  6. ♥ Beardies

    Sounds pretty scammy.
    There is no quick fix for dog training. It takes time and effort, much like anything else in life. You’re better off sticking to something tried and true like clicker training, or positive reinforcement, or else hire a trainer.

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