I’m thinking about taking my new yorkie puppy to a training class, probably at a PetSmart. Has anyone been through it? Did it actually work? My puppy is 13 weeks old. He’s very smart. Potty training is a little weird, but I’ve trained him to do somethings already like getting in his box and not running outside everytime the door is opened. Also, how long should I wait until I enroll him in a class?


  1. Shadow's Melon

    Your puppy is plenty old enuf to get into a puppy kindergarten class, which will teach you the basic commands and help with socialization. I would not be going to Petsmart tho. They really aren’t a very good place if you want good training. I wanted a good trainer, but the yellow pages did me no good in finding one. So I contacted our local Agility Club, who then referred me to an excellent obedience trainer. This lady is way cheaper than Petsmart, at only $50 for a 7 week class (Petsmarts here charge $85) and she has been training for 25+ years. Other clubs that could give you good training referrals are an Obedience Club, Training Clubs, or a Yorkie Club.
    I would recommend finding one of these clubs nearest you and email them to ask for trainer referrals. These club take their training seriously and will suggest people they haver personally trained with, trust, and just know to be good. You very likely could find someone offering better quality at a cheaper class cost like I did. Good luck! And good for you for wanting to persue training with your puppy! Too many don’t bother.

  2. bluebonn

    Yes it helps. Should be mandatory.
    It helps as much as when we go to school.
    Yes and you will learn too, cause the puppy classes are teaching you how to train your dog. They show you what to do and how to do it but you have to follow through at home. It’s like homework.
    One of my friends breed Yorkies and has championed out quite a few. Her dogs are beautiful. Everyone of them carries a Pedigree a mile long.

  3. llsnwtsn

    i am the grooming salon manager for petsmart and i used our training course for both of my dogs and as a tool for beginning a foundation of training and for bonding with my guys i have to say that yes it is a very good idea to use a training class wherever you find one. yorkies are very smart and highly energetic and if you neglect to properly teach him just basic manners, he’ll be a nightmare. and i speak from experience. our training course basically teaches you how to train your dog.

  4. Star-Dus

    Dog training does work.And it is never to young to start training it.And the socializing is worth it.I am taking my St.Bernard this week for more training in other Fields.Only he will in care at this kennel.And if l think that taking a dog to be train was not worth it, then l would not be paying this big bucks on my dog’s training.So start the training as soon as you can. It will also be a great way for you to meet dog lovers just like you..Good luck

  5. FairlyEr

    It will depend greatly on the skill of the trainer you have to work with. PetSMART has a fairly vanilla program for training as far as I’ve been able to tell, and results seem to vary greatly based on the trainers themselves. It’s certainly worth giving them a try if there are no other schools in your area. Since they should all be using non-violent training methods, the worst thing that could happen is that you wasted your money.
    I will note that it’s worth looking around a bit for other training centers because I have three right near me, including the one at which I train regularly, which are all positive training centers with their own facilities (not in the middle of a busy store) and have very experienced trainers who train more advanced things than just Basic Obedience and puppy classes (like agility and formal obedience and rally obedience and herding, etc) AND are still cheaper than PetSMART classes. Not everyone may be so lucky, but definitely don’t automatically assume that PetSMART will be the cheapest — look around a bit too.

  6. manetna2

    Yes dog training does work. The more you teach your dog the quicker it learns and the bond between you and your dog grows also. You should find a local obedience club in your area. They are more qualified to teach classes because they probably compete in performance events with their dogs. If you must go to Petsmart make sure the people there are qualified to teach you. My dogs LOVE to go to “dog school” , we go once a week.

  7. raz p

    Yes it did. They give you lots of tips and your dog gets trained and socialized at the same time. You should go for it. You will be glad you did, trust me. You can enroll him right now. They have different classes to choose from, most around $100.

  8. Misa M

    I’d do the class at PetSmart and I’d spend time looking at books, too. And videos. Do your homework (like most things in life, the more you put into the class, the more you’ll get out of it!) You can learn from the trainer how to improve your timing when giving rewards, and she or he can observe you and help you when you need it.

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