i don’t think so….
do a search on this yahoo forum and am sure you will find a lot of answer about potty-training because i have answered tonnes of the same questions in the past.


  1. Babygoo8

    Most trainers will give you good advice for puppy potty training, however you are the one who needs to be committed to training the dog and take it out to potty.
    Petsmarts trainers normally are not that experienced and are pricey. I would try to find a local trainer with a lot of experience if I were you. I found a local trainer for in my area that helps with potty training and everything that is almost half the cost of petsmart and she has 40+ years of experience.
    Good luck!

  2. Anonymous

    I would not go with getting your dog trained at Petsmart. I continously have to go into their sessions and explain that they are all wrong! No, Petsmart does not housetrain your dog, they only teach the basics, like sit, wait, etc.

  3. Thetra

    You will have to train him yourself in your own home if you want him to learn anything.
    They might make recommendations on how to housebreak a puppy but the best method is through crate training. You just have to teach your dog to get used to a routine of going outside when he is let out. Saves a lot of headache, especially if you have a puppy.

  4. Animated

    They do give you pointers on how to make it easier, but the actual work is yours. Your dog will be living at your house, not the store, so you need to train it. If you need help, you could always join their seminars. The ones here where I live are free.

  5. Mel

    No, you have to house train your dog. Most puppy-training courses do include some information on how to go about house training, but the rest is up to you.

  6. Irexiak

    no last I checked it teaches sit, stay and down as well as basic leash techniques. good luck!

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