My co-worker heard that putting a little vinegar in her dog’s drinking water would get rid of fleas. She says she’s tried it and it works. Have you had any success with this?


  1. lissa_05

    Actually no that doesn’t work vinegar is actually a technique to get dogs to stop chewing they hate the taste of it and would not drink it if it was put in there water to begin with it does not get rid of fleas in any way shape or form hope i helped

  2. Minx

    I think she would mean Apple Cider Vinegar , not the regular stuff you put on your chips 🙂 If you do a search you will find loads of information about it. It has to be the organic, unfiltered stuff which contains the mother vinegar (cloudy looking). It has numerous health benefits for pets and people.
    And yes …. it is a great for keeping Mozzies, fleas, ticks etc away.
    It is cheap to buy and totally natural, so well worth giving it a go.

  3. KKingS

    No. I’ve never tried that. I have my dogs on a monthly preventative.
    Even if that keeps fleas off your dog (which I have a hard time believing,) you still have to deal with your house and yard. When fleas can no longer live on your dog, they’ll find a new home….you.

  4. DagonHou

    No, that won’t work. Go to your vet for capstar if you have a real problem. Capstar combined with regular standard topical flea prevention and diatomous earth for carpets is the best way to get rid of fleas.

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