i was wondering if you new anybody with dog agility training equipment that is used and they are giving away. i dont need anything fancy. i can fix anything broken.


  1. Agility Man

    1. You can make agility equipment for less money than you’d pay for even used or broken equipment.
    2. Take a look at Jim Hutchin’s book “Do it Yourself Agility Equipment.” I’ve got it–it’s great.
    3. PVC pipe and a PVC cutter will allow you to make quick, fast jumps. I used it to make a base for my pause table, base for my teeter.
    4. If you’re just starting out, stuff like a contact trainer or a buja board are things you will find invaluable and they’re easy to make yourself. In fact, I first taught contacts with my dog using the steps in our house and then a board (just a board).

  2. ?

    I would personally just go with using PVC pipe. It works really well, is cheap, and well basically you get the general idea. Just look at how something is made, and then make it the same way, just out of the PVC pipe. I am sure there are plenty of places online that you should be able to find that show equipment made out of pvc pipe 🙂

  3. Pink Teacup Pachyderm!

    You might want to try ebay and see if there is used equipment there for cheap.
    You might also be able to find directions online to make some of the equipment. weave poles, for example, could probably be made of PVC piping.

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