I am a natural dog person, I have trained dogs and have a natural talent for communicating with them. However I am trying to become educated in dog psychology and other complex training methods. Does anybody know any websites where I can go to learn how to become a total dog trainer?


  1. lauralee

    No but I can tell you the basics of “positive reinforcement” if you want:
    1. Never use the dog’s name to call them for something bad… Use a clap or click-like (even hand signals if you can catch their eye!) noise to stop their behaviour with a strong look (Female) or putting your legs on either side of them for domination (males, unneutered)…
    I am used to training agressive German Shepherd and I now have a beautiful little blond goldie girl who is going to classes w/me to educate (since I’m not going to breed her – for every litter of puppies, you take 4 yrs off your dogs life ) her to be my consort to visit the elderly, & pallative (dying) patients… licensed!
    We’re also gonna raise blind dog pups (so that my daughter can use her maternal instinct to do more that worring about her parents!) 1st time for me with a “shy” dog; she gets stage fright poor thing, but she is so sensitive she cries when I do…
    2. Give treats for “trying”,. and after you assess whether they really understand you or not; withhold when they get lazy… But if they are trying their damndest – and can’t get anywhere near where you want, give ’em a treat for trying & tell them “more school tomorrow”…
    3. Your dog *may* just speak english. I know mine do, they just don’t want me to know…. so, figure it out before they reach the conclusion and they’ll think you’re omnipotent!
    4. Do not send mixed signals like “BE a good girl” = they don’t know the “be” part; they think you are praising them – when you trying to ask for good behaviour in a mean voice. Therefore, they are confused… I would be if I got moved to a French family tomorrow!
    5. A dog is happiest knowing its place. That is why the ferral dogs make heirarchy in the pack. This way they can decide whether to challenge next in line & move up (agressive personality) or willing to give all to belong (passive personality) and work with them accordingly.
    The alpha dog must learn they have been usurped by you, and the beta-and-under crowd will be more than happy to serve a benevolent dictator.
    I was once a vet nurse, and long time dog trainer…
    But the biggest thing has to be consistency & routine. dogs are not like cats. They WAIT for you. You are their world. Pay attn and they’ll be happy, also – they DO NOT NEED variety in their food. You’re probably the one that buys different kinds out of boredom, not them. Figure out what they like best & feed it every day.
    And never, ever, ever in a million years hook up your dog outside on a chain. It WILL drive your dog as mad as a chimp in a bad Peta movie of experiment. Would YOU like to live that way?
    My animals have total access to the house. They may sleep on the bed, lie on the lounge, etc; but not walk on countertops or tables (I don’t do it!) so they can’t either. If you make life “fair” for your pet – they will meet you more than half way.
    I recently let my boycat (neutered) go outside by himself and now he sits around the front like King Tut, thinking he’s guardcat… LOL!
    But he knows at sundown, he better come home! And My goldie girl Willow gets all upset when her brother doesn’t come home – so she goes out in the yard & rounds him up for me if I ask her “U Hungry? Where’s Spidey (the cat)?”… upon which she rounds him up like a sheep dog; but usually not necessary because he’s always hungier than her!
    The thing is treat them with respect, and demand it in return. My kids know who their real mom is; therefore I am the boss. No ifs, ands, buts… I guess it’s easier than kids! LOL! :p
    Good luck, matey… 🙂

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