I plan to be a dog breeder/trainer when I’m an adult and I already have a general idea how to train and I more or less know how to take proper care of my dogs. Unfortunately, I live with a family of 6(including myself) so it’s not just me. I’m saying when I’m on my own to with my future family that I will do this. I’ll also become an audiologist or a registered nurse.The dog thing is my own thing at home. So now that you got my “plans” in check, how can I further my knowledge about dogs? Hopefully, I can learn from yourself and if you know of places to browse.


  1. pepper

    I think you have the right stuff to be a dog trainer. You have love and compassion for your dogs. That’s a wonderful start.
    I’m sure you’ll achieve your goal. I wish you lots of luck

  2. goldwing

    There are MANY books, dvd’s, and videos available on dog training. Your library might well have many of them. Read, read, read. Dog training is an art form, and no matter what method, it is imperative to know what you are dealing with…a pack animal. When you think of pack behavior, all comes into focus. In no method does striking the dog have a part. IF you plan on being a breeder, that is another story! Read up on all breeds, learn what to look for in the breed, how to recognize genetic problems and what to avoid. This is a great field, but requires great knowledge to be successful. You can do it, start today. Good luck

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