Where is the best place to take your dog for Dog training? I have lots of family with lots of animals and they all say something different. Should I get a one on one trainer that will come to my house? Or should I go somewhere like Pets Mart and take the 6 week class? Thanks All nice comments welcome



  1. Curtis M

    The Pet store training stuff is crap. They’re kids who took a 2 or 3 week course and are a certified dog trainer, none of which have gone to any formal training schools or ever attended a training seminar from a respected trainer. The dog isn’t the one who needs training, you need training in how to train your dog. You may send your dog off and have him trained, he may listen to his trainer but not you when you get him back home. This is because the trainer is the one who earned his respect, not you. Respect isn’t transferrable. I suggest to everyone that they train their own dogs, besides, who knows your dog better than you? Now if you can find a professional trainer who really knows what he’s talking about (a good way to find out is to ask him what seminars he’s attended recently and what training school/s has he been through) who can direct you on how to train your own dog, that’s fine. Good luck and I hope all turns out well and you end up with a healthy happy fully trained dog.

  2. Fudge's Mom

    whatever works best for you. If you want one on one training you can certainly do that, though the classes elsewhere are usually better because it socializes your dog while it and you are learning. I wouldn’t pick a training facility out of the blue, observe a few classes and see if you like the training style as each trainer is different.
    Good luck

  3. Effectiv

    Personally, I’m partial to one-on-one training in your home. For may reasons, but I find it’s easier to train the dog AND the owner in that setting, as opposed to a group training class.
    Most group classes teach only the first phase of obedience – the learning phase. They lack any training in the correction phase and they introduce distraction into the learning phase. No good.

  4. Valley of the Danes

    A formal obedience class that you attend, with your dog and you do the training.
    No to Petsmat or PetCo.
    Most cities have a Parks & Recreation guide that offers dog obedience. You meet a few days a week for maybe eight weeks and the dog earns a certificate of completion after attending the classes and learning what was taught.

  5. Runs with Scissors

    I, personally, would avoid the Petsmart/Petco training. (Seen it, not impressed at all!)- I would go to http://www.akc.org and look for dog training clubs associated with AKC in your area- these are not professionally paid instructors, but are people who have trained their dogs to high titles, have lots of experience, and are teaching because they want to.
    good luck!

  6. Jilly_M_

    I would recommend going to somewhere like Petsmart or a private trainer that has groups. They still offer one on one help if you are having a certain problem with your pet. Dogs need to learn how to socialize as well as how to listen to you. By being in a class they learn how to socialize with other dogs. They also learn to obey your commands and not what others are saying. I hope this helps!

  7. Steve L

    I recommend you visit the website I went to when my dog had behavioral issues a while back. It transformed my dog’s behavior. Good Luck!

  8. smile♥pe

    i say the best way to train your dog is at home strart out simple do the first things a week. this prroses my take long because it pays off. you and your dog become closer and your dog builds intelaginse.

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