Hi, I don’t know of any dog training schools in calfornia but somthing that you can try is the book, “How to train your dog in one evening”. My dalmation kept digging up the garden which was not only stressful but expensive! It’s got loads of information about everything in there so if you have no luck finding a really good dog training school then definately give this book a go http://snipurl.com/1qk7n


  1. Carol S

    Depending on what part of California you are in, contact kohlerdogtraining. He is a member of Yahoo answers and a great trainer whom I would trust completely to help you solve any training issues you may have. koehlerdogtraining@yahoo.com

  2. greekman

    There are thousands of them…trainers use different techniques. Before shelling out money to go somewhere where you don’t like the trainer…go and watch a couple of classes of a few.

  3. koehlerdogtraining ©

    California is a large, long state. Please clarify what area of California you’re in and looking at finding training.
    Have you looked in your local phone book?
    A good way to find out which schools in your area are best is to ask at local pet supply stores, tractor supply, and groomers. They probably have gotten impressions of which schools put out dogs who are well behaved and obedient.

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