I have a one and a half year old amstaff which is a gorgeous girl, but utterly untrainable. if you have food, she will sit, stay, shake and go to her bed but aside from that, jumps all over guests, generally won’t do as asked, will not come when called (unless it suits her), and still nips occasionally.
i love her to pieces but she is a naughty dog!
has anyone got any training advice?


  1. yeehanee

    When guests come, she has to be on leash so that you can catch her. When she jumps up, gently put her back on the ground and give her an “off” command. When on the ground reward her and tell her “good off”.
    When she is out and about, she always has to have a leash on. Don’t try and chase her, they think it’s a big game! Run the other way! When she comes back, give her TONS of treats and lots of praise. If you have a friend who can help you, you can practice restrained recalls to get her come a lot better. Have your friend hold her collar. You then tough a treat to her nose, run away and call her in an excited voice. This gets the dog excited to come to you.
    When she nips, give her a firm “No” or “Ouch” and then ignore her for a little bit. If she sits or starts acting polite, then reward her for being a good girl.
    Terriers have a mind of their own! They can be very naughty and generally just want to do what they want. Don’t get frustrated and stay happy. Who wants to come to an angry person! So patience is the best thing with the Terriers even thought they are difficult.

  2. Stephanie Loves Sam

    my dog was like that too when he was that age. at the age of two he is finally settling down and getting to the point where he can be trained really well. i reccomend obedience classes and maybe even hire a professional trainer.

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