Do you believe dog training is absolutely necessary and that all dogs should be properly trained, or do you think that trying to train a dog restricts their level of freedom and makes them into little more than insecure slaves? Or are your opinions a mixture of the two: that there is good training and bad training? What are your views?


  1. Michele

    Training stimulates a dog mentally – just as studying stimulates us mentally.
    Training should always be a “good” thing, i.e. there should always be either food rewards or toy rewards at the end of the training session. Abuse does not equal proper training.
    I personally believe that all dog owners should train their dog. Not only is it fun for both you and the dog, you are making them use their brain, exercising them mentally and bonding with them. It is amazing.

  2. damselch

    All dogs need to be trained. End of story.
    The proposition that training a dog restricts their level of freedom and makes them into little more than insecure slaves is absolutely ridiculous.
    Dogs do not understand human rules and language. Training is the only way we can communicate what is and is not acceptable in our society. It’s how dogs learn that biting a toddler over food completely unacceptable, and that walking by their owner’s side instead of running into traffic is what is needed of them.
    While I do believe that there is a right way and a wrong way TO train a dog (Fear based methods with physical punishments being wrong IMHO) All dogs must be trained. It’s simply too dangerous for them not to be.

  3. Tulip

    Dogs trainning is absolutely neccessary FOR any breed, if you don’t train your dog, you can have all sorts of problems, say a large untrainned dog, could jump on a young child, and knock them over on concrete, which could either kill the child if it land hard enough on the concrete or permently injure the child, also untrainned dog can be very aggressive.
    Trainning a dog increase the dog respect for us. Dogs can be well trainned and have freedom too.
    It irresposible not to train a dog.

  4. Karen L

    Dog training is absolutely necessary unless you have no problem with a dog that —destroys your house, furniture and yard, yanks your arm out of its socket if you put it on a leash, poops and pees in the house, runs out into traffic, bites people when it feels like it, drives the neighbourhood crazy by barking all day, gets into garbage, steals food from the kitchen counter, fights with other dogs, and has all kinds of other objectionable behaviour. Not every dog will do all those things if left untrained but I can guarantee it will do some of them. Dogs who are trained are actually more secure than untrained ones because they know their place in the pack. All you have to do is read the questions on here for a day or two and you will see the kinds of problems people have with dogs they failed to train. I had one once who arrived as an untrained adult and she was a horror to live with until I got her trained. Someone with a shorter fuse than I have probably would have shot her.

  5. BethanyA

    I Believe that it’s necessary. If they are trained well you can take them to the park let them run free and not have to worry about them doing something.
    I can’t believe people think it’s bad to train a dog. If you don’t want to train one don’t have one. Dogs would be trained if they were in a pack by the pack leader so it is natural.

  6. WP Autoblog Software

    Dogs are just like children. Training them is teaching them proper manners. If you don’t train your dog his/her manners, things can get very out of hand.
    By not house training it or not teaching it basic skills (sit, stay, come, etc.), people could get injured and it would be impossible to live with your dog.

  7. Monica Deleon : )

    OK…First thing is …
    They are never going to be your slave if you train them properly
    Here is some advice:
    When you train your dog for the first time
    for example ….. your dog’s name is spotty and you say :
    You : Spotty! Sit !
    Spotty : woof * barks and Jumps up and down *
    You : * Spank him at the back *
    Spotty : howls loudly and yelps like crazy !
    This is how you train a dog
    Start with the Basics….
    1. Calling the name of your dog
    2. Sit command
    3. Stay command
    4. Potty training
    5. Scolding
    Your dog should be a well house trained dog
    well….I have 2 dogs and training my little daisha and happy
    is NEVER easy………………………
    If you never train them…..
    Then YOU are their slave !!
    Cleaning their mess.
    Fixing their collar
    and other stuff like that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Train them with the basics I wrote first
    Dog Training : My answer : GOOD !
    Being The trainer of your pet is hard but WORTH IT TO LAST A LIFE TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If you want to scold a dog never hurt or shout at it …But do not give it a treat or say ” Good Dog ” Because they will think what they did was right !!!!
    Well…..If you have a dog and you wanna train it then : GOOD LUCK !
    -Monica D. : )

  8. pomegran

    a dog that is trained is not insecure and not “unfree”. since they’re pack animals, it is normal for a dog to follow the pack leader, the human. dogs feel safe in their pack and need boundaries. they feel confident and relaxed when these boundaries are well-defined.

  9. one_fish

    Training good.
    Unruly dog bad.
    Unless you want to live by the dog’s rules you MUST teach him YOUR rules.
    Some rules and commands are necessary for the dog’s safety, too.
    I could go on but it looks like everyone else has it pretty much covered.

  10. MillerLi

    dogs naturally run in packs and there is alaways balance when there is a leader, there has to be training in a dog s life or else they’ll run wild on you and could get you in trouble, as we all follow the law so must there be rules dogs must abide by too

  11. chexs_gi

    i think you should have to train your dog. And it should obey you. And that you are the boss the owner. There your pet and you have to take care of them…

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