I am thinking about holding training for kids and their family dogs, teaching the children how to train and work with their dog. We would cover things like basic commands such as sit, and fun tricks and games too. Is this something you would enroll you child in?
If so, how long should each class be?
How many weeks should the classes run?
How much should the classes cost?
What would be your concerns?
Any ideas or suggestions?


  1. Fetch 11 Humane Society

    We don’t like the idea of combining a lot of kids and a lot of dogs that don’t know each other in the same room — even if their parents are there, but… Here are some suggestions:
    Dogs usually cannot concentrate on training for more than 15 minutes at a time; so I’d limit the classes to 30 minutes.
    Run the classes for about 6 weeks to see how everyone does. You can always expand the classes later if you want to.
    People who have kids don’t have a lot of excess money to spend on the dogs’ training, so limit the cost to about $20 a session.
    You’d better have plenty of liability insurance to cover any injuries, accidents, or bites that occur. The liability issues mount with every kid and dog added to the mix. Children are often “loud” and “unpredictable” around dogs they don’t know and the dogs may go nuts with all of the overstimulation provided by the kids. Keep in mind that parents can’t watch BOTH their human child and their fur-child at the same time. Horrible mishaps can happen in a second…
    Don’t let any dog into the class that isn’t current on ALL of its vaccinations (including rabies and Bordatella). That means, no dogs younger than 4 months.
    Don’t let any female dogs into the class that are pregnant or in heat.
    Have an orientation class without the kids or dogs first — just the parents/dog owners — to let them know what is expected of them in class; what behaviors are allowed /disallowed; where the “time-out corner is; what sort of discipline you’ll allow for the kids and dogs (corporal punishment, adversives, etc.); how to “read” a dog’s body language, etc …
    Have a detailed plan already written out in case the dogs start fighting, including all of your emergency numbers for ambulance / vets/ etc.
    Make sure everyone signs off on a document that specifies what the course entails, what you’re liable for, and what they’re liable for.
    You’re taking on a lot here… We wish you the best.

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    How old is ur kid/s? It depends on how old and mature they are, if u think they are mature enough, go ahead. 1/2 hour ro 1 hr classes. try one lesson. I heard one school charged 500 Australian dollars. Bascially, I’ve never had a dog, but I’m studying up to get one (by saying this, you’d probably think I’m young, but don’t worry, I’m older than 5.).
    I don’t think I need training schools to teach me, I read books. DK books and books u find in the library under 3– I think… or 6–… Yea, either one. (but the pets section are near food and gardening i think…) So it depends. I’m so keen on having a dog, I once took a really think like about 1000 or more paged book, (It’s an approximation) just to see what I can find out about dogs. ANd I found out quite a lot. (plz don’t go looking for 1000 page books on dogs, a normal sized book or what you can handle is good enough. )
    So u can find the really easy books on how to train dogs, and save LOADS of money. Be firm when training, loosen up when the training is done. There’s also heaps of info on the net on how to train dogs!
    Hope the info helps!

  3. escaping

    I think that is a wonderful idea. First off, you could teach the child how to handle a dog and know the dogs boundaries. Secondly, it teaches the dog that he is not superior to the child. Thirdly, its always good to have a trained dog and encourage a child to know how to handle a pet and how to care for the animal.
    Maybe the classes should only be twice a week, an hour long for say 8 weeks. Have a set fee to be paid during the time of enrollment. My major concern as always…most owners do not take the training in to the home. It is important that the kids practice the training and proper care of the animal everyday while at home, so get the parents involved too.
    The parents should be encourage to observe some of the classes.
    It is also important to take lots of breaks during an hour long session with any animal and with children. You have to constantly keep them stimulated or they will lose focus.
    Good Luck and Take Care

  4. KJ

    I think it’s a wonderful idea! And good for you for getting opinions fromt he general public. Do your research and get your business going. I hope you’re a certified dog trainer though and I hope you have some education or experience in child psychology.
    All your questions depend entirely on the age of the children present, how many dogs/kids you’re going to allow in each class, what you charge would depend on the length of the classes as well as whether they are individual or group. You can’t have a class of kids ages 5-15. They are on different learning levels. There are really too many open-ended questions that you need to clrify before you can really ask all this I think.
    It’s a wonderful idea though and something I would definately involve my children with if I needed to.
    Good luck.

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  6. grannyhu

    I think you have a great idea. Keep going with it! I’ve seen/heard too many times about kids being nipped at or bit by the family dog and most of it was due to how the child was behaving towards or around the dog.
    Maybe have the classes be a half hour long, depending on the age of the kids and how attentive they are. Perhaps have the classes twice a week for 6 weeks or so at $10.00 per class. That sounds reasonable to me anyway. My concerns would be that the dogs be up to date with their shots and that a parent accompany them. Have print outs to send home with each kid as a reminder of the highlights that were covered that day in class and how to best practice this at home with their pet. They can keep them in a folder to refer back to if necessary. And have them bring their own “pooper scooper” equipment”. That’s part of a responsible dog owners gear!
    The more I think about it the more I love your idea! Kids need to learn how to respect their pets, properly care for them, and to understand that their pets depend on them for most everything. They will be rewarded with undying love and devotion from their dog.
    My kids are older, but if I would have heard of a class like that being offered when they were younger I know I would have enrolled them. I would advise my kids to enroll my grandkids if we had something like that around here. This could also have a beneficial impact on kids who aren’t into sports or other extracurricular activities. Gets them out there with other kids that have the same interests. Way to go!!

  7. juicyfru

    thats very good idea, and if i had kids, i would enroll them. the classes really cant be that long. kids cant stay focused that long. how long, id say six weeks. the price, i dont know that. good luck

  8. aussie

    Major concern…Do you know what you are doing? If you do then you do not need to ask those other questions. Send me e-mail as to your qualifications and I will answer those other questions for you

  9. Mary R

    That is an excellent idea!! Everything doesnt have to fall on MOM all the time then… I would first have the parents enrolled, and make sure the dog has some basic training, is not child-agressive, and the parents can supervise the child’s “homework”.
    Usually 45 mins is long enough to hold both child and dogs attention.
    5-6 weeks
    Normally, dog training is about $35-40/hr in my area, so stay within your local areas guidelines.
    Make sure the parents have basic 1-2 weeks of training first, and the dog is not child-agressvie
    Good luck, that is a fabulous idea, I hope you make lots of money, and bring joy to lots of families!!

  10. kramerdn

    Sure if you are qualified.
    I’d do some basic market research about your competition at PetSmart and the local area training classes.
    I would think that children would have no more than 45 minutes to an hour attention span and for no more than 8 weeks. Parents should always be present because there’s a lot of homework with training.
    My concern would be insurance and releases in the event that somebody gets bitten by a dog not their own. I would also be concerned about the bottom age limit for the kids.

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