We just moved into our first house and we’ve been trying to train our 3yr old maltese/poodle to NOT go up to the second floor. He only ran up once and I chased him, carried him down. But since then he’s been pushing his luck by sleeping on the steps. First step, second step, this morning was the third step and just now he was on the fourth!
Are there any training tips to stop him? I don’t want a baby gate on the main staircase.
Thank you!


  1. Diana

    Dont allow your dog to have access upstairs.While you are walking upstaris, ask someone to hold your puppy while you are going upstaris. soon your dog will know that going upstaris is forbidden. If you want anymore help on dogs you should check out my website
    Good Luck 🙂

  2. Eno

    He will only jump the baby gate.what breed is he? Get a trainer in or watch a video how to stop it.

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