Hey, I’m in the process of putting together a website full of free articles regarding dog training. One of my stupid New Year resolutions.
I was going to concentrate on providing tips for people with problem dogs (mainly adults, because people love puppies). The feedback I have from friends is that I should target Puppy training issues ?
So what do I concentrate on – Puppies or Adult Dogs ?


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    It all starts with training your dog from the start,so focus on pups.A well trained puppy is a well behaved adult dog.
    Include advice for adult dogs as well.Many people instead of buying pups,get older dogs from the humane society or from rescue groups.The old saying you cant teach an old dog new tricks,is not true,it’s just a saying.Providing some good advice for people with older dogs,it could save many of them from a return trip to the shelter.

  2. doggydog

    Puppies. Many people get puppies and abandon them when they get older because the people have never, ever learned how to train a dog.

  3. dockersc…

    can’t teach an old dog new tricks… mostly people want to make their puppies behave quickly as possible, older dogs people are more focused on their health.

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    Well I just got a new puppy for Christmas so, speaking from someone who’s been there, I’d have to say people would probably be more intrested in training puppys. It’s easier to try training them when they’re young instead of trying to break bad habits later.

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    you can teach old dogs new tricks but if the obedience traing doen’t start right away as a puppy then you will have a hard time training your dog to do anything. Obedience training will make your dog a better dog. So start with that and then move on to bigger and better things.

  6. Dixie Girl

    I think you should focus on adult dogs. Everyone loves puppies because they’re cute and sweet, but sometimes their “cuteness” can lead to them getting spoiled and getting away with bad behavior. So when they grow up….you have the “naughty adult” dog issues. There is a lot of info out there on general puppy training, but if someone has the idea that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”…that just isn’t so…you CAN teach them…you just need to learn HOW to. So for all those adult dogs who end up in shelters for naughty behavior and finally find a new !home…do it for them and their new owners! Good luck

  7. just me

    Devote a little time, effort and space to both. After you’ve done the research required, you may have found out where your main target audience is!

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