I have an adult dog about 7 years old. when ever he is alone in the home for more than a few hours will find a spot in the house and soil it. it is typically an out of the way spot that he never goes into ( like the spare bed room)
He seems to know better 90% of the time but it is the final 10% that is causing damage.
I am against kennel training. So I wanted to ask the community for there best input.
Are pads a good way to train him ? I know that there are several sprays on the market, should I try one?


  1. Jim S

    #1 close off the areas he is using. This will force him to use an area he frequents, which he will hesitate to do, and it will buy you a couple extra hours.
    #2 don’t leave him alone longer than eight hours. Think about how you feel when you NEED to go, but cannot. Eventually, you will be looking for an out-of-the-way corner to pee in, too.
    It sounds like you have a good dog, since he does his best to hold it, and even when he cannot hold it any longer he goes to a remote spot.

  2. angitsan

    I am sorry to tell you that you think in the wrong direction. Think of it, how long can YOU keep it without going to the bathroom? Your dog has practically the same physiology, after more than a couple of hours he HAS TO!!! No training is going to change it. If you already must leave your dog so long alone take care that someone takes him for a walk! Or give him access to the garden, if you have one! You don´t have a toy, you have a living creature in your house for goodness sake!

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