Cat lovers may be familiar with a common habit of cats, that is scratching. They simply appear interesting to watch, when a person sees them scratch walls or the armchair. For those who still want to investigate this, they may place an object in front of their cats provided the cats are not familiar with the same.
Within a moment, owners will notice their cats scratching the object and constantly sniffing it. They may even spray the object with urine. This proves that cats are not only curious about the new thing around them, but also feel threatened at the sight of that object.
Cats generally rub their body against the legs of their owners to call for immediate attention. They support the activity with meowing, which often irritates the owners. It is better to ignore them, at times. Owners also get annoyed, when their cats stroke their hands. Constant stroking may sometimes result in cats attacking their owners with their teeth.
Maintaining Proper Hygiene:
Cat owners need to take enough care to keep their cats clean, always. Proper nutrition helps in keeping cats healthy. Taking cats to the veterinarian regularly for vaccinating them against infectious disease is a practice cat owners need to follow.
On the other hand, grooming the cats at home also gives them a good external appearance. The owner needs to give an occasional bath to the cat. The owner has to brush or comb the hair of the cat so that it appears lustrous and shiny. This will not only make the cat feel comfortable, but will also make the cat more attractive.
Combing and Brushing:
Owners, who have cats with long hair, need to brush them daily to prevent matting and tangling of hair. Brushing removes excess hair from the body of cats. This is necessary, because cats often lick their hair that can convert into a hairball and thus, may cause them stomach disorders such as vomiting or loss of appetite. Giving a personal attention to the outer body of cats helps to detect sores, lumps, bumps or parasites.
Pet shops make available a variety of products for pet owners. Brushes, combs and other grooming appliances give a good physical appearance to cats. For example, for cats with furry skin, a pin brush works well.
A brush with soft bristle is perfect for cats with long, silky fur. A rubber brush is ideal for removing hair from thin coats. Teflon or metal-coated combs are recommended for giving final touch to hair of cats.
Bathe A Cat:
Most cats require occasional bathing. However, the case is not the same with mischievous cats, as they often play in open and roll in the mud. These cats are subject to mischief. It is a good idea to cleanse cats.
Select a shampoo meant exclusively for cats. This is because the pH level of human skin is not the same as that of cats. Shampoos, which humans use may let the skin of cat dry and may cause irritations. They may in future cause infection.

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