My spouse and stepdaughter are constantly bitten by fleas that come from neighborhood pets. I am never bitten. They are bitten mostly at night and it helps a little if we spray in the house. I suspect there is something in their blood that the fleas like and would like to know if there is something that they can take to prevent this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Frank R

    Kill the fleas. Had the problem once put Frontline on my cat and in a few hours no more flea bites.

  2. midnight

    Use frontline on any pets that belong to you. Set off bug bombs in your house to get rid of any and all live fleas in yourhouse. You may need to do it a couple times. You can have a pro do it, but you can buy the stuff at the store cheeper.
    I dont know the names of any off the top of my head, but you can also get treatments for your lawn. Someone in your local garden/hardware store should be able to help you there.
    Then, start calling animal control on loose animals. If the animals are coming into your yard, go politly (or not) ask the owners to keep them out of your yard.
    If you have a home owners association, consult the pet rules and make a complaint if there are rules pertaining to that.
    Fleas tend to like fair skin for some reason. That could be why they are getting bit more than you.
    You may also need to make sure that all your windows and doors are properly sealing.

  3. Lauren

    This isn’t really answering your question. But i have the same problem here at my house. We have 6 cats. But only one stays in the house. I am the only one in my house hold being bitten. I bought a flea colar for the house cat. And it doesnt seem to be working, the fleas are still biting and its really starting to annoy me because im constantly scratching.

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