My roomates had a dog and kept it in the garage and the dog had fleas and we got rid of the dog and the house and garage had fleas so we tried fogging it with flea fogger and we got an ortho spray and sprayed areas but there are like a million of them still in the garage and i dont know how to get rid of them and we need them gone like now we cant do this anymore does anyone know what i can do to get rid of them



  1. lilboome

    My wife and her mother bought a house (before I knew her) that the previouse owner had dogs and cats, the house was infested terrible with fleas. She said they only used one flea bomb/fogger but it was the kind that worked longer to kill the hatching eggs. That took care of the problem. that was in ’84 not sure of the product. maybe try one on each floor.
    we now have horses, horses are a natural flea detterant and have no fleas with our dogs. a used (uncleaned) horse blanket for the dog could keep fleas away.

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