I Have three cats and i am wondering what the treatment for fleas is. I can not stand all the little buggers in the house please help



  1. Yobo Cat's Mom

    We used Program for our cats. We got it from our vet, although you can also order it on-line. It goes into their food. I think it’s like 3 or 4 treatments. The fleas that bite them get it into their system & then cannot lay sound eggs. It keeps flea eggs & larvae from developing They all end up dying off.
    You don’t have to worry about seasons & hatchings, because any laid eggs won’t hatch. Existing fleas have a short life span.
    It so worked for us. If your cats are indoor cats, you don’t have to keep treating month after month. Just until the regeneration cycle ends. We did one treatment over 8 years ago, & have been totally flea free since! At the start of the program, to get a faster handle on it, we washed their bedding & vacuumed the whole house real good to prevent any eggs that were layed before treatment from hatching. Throw out the vacuum bag after & put a fresh one in.
    ***This is the one our vet reccommended. (He is the surgeon for our zoo. Highly respected.) Especially for multi-cat homes, as they tend to groom each other & can lick the other cat’s medicine off, as with Frontline, which is placed on the back of the neck, & isn’t formulated to be an ingestable medication as Program is.
    Hope this helps!

  2. Shelby

    Get down to your vets-and ask for some frontline it comes in pack of three or 6 applications-6 pack may work out a little cheaper for you.It goes on to the back of your cats neck every4-5 weeks.Also may be worth treating your home with a spray-Ask your vets as these products do work.-Most spray average around £10-20 But you get a big can that normally can do all ur house with and most of them last for a year.Also wash all cat and your own bedding on a high temp wash-Hoover all ur furniture and carpets really well.There is nothing on the market that will stop fleas jumping onto ur cats but if they are treated as above the little sods will die within 24hours.Hope it helps.

  3. Kerry

    Hi,frontline is one of the best and that’s why vets recommend it.I have used this on my kitten for 5 months and since then has not had a flea on him.I also used some Bob Martin flea bombs around the same time to get rid of the fleas in my home,they have been 100% effective,(It’s best to use one for each room).I decided to try Frontline after reading so many great reviews about it on here.You can buy it over the counter from any vets,good luck.

  4. starlet1

    Go to the vet and get either Frontline or Advantage for the cats. Then get Acclaim spray for the house. Not cheap at £28 per can but one can will treat all of a 3 bedroomed house for 1 year., Dont bother ith supermarket stuff – it doesnt work. Supermarkets cannot sell you drugs that the vet can xxx

  5. ta p

    frontline plus from your vet. also you will have to treat your house. if they are outside cats then i dont know what to tell you.

  6. Leu

    Well, firstly get the animals out of your home – make sure they have somewhere lovely to go. Secondly you get a match – strike the match until it ignites and carefully, using the flame, gently tease it on the closest flammable material. This will hopefully flare up. As this happens leave the house and watch it burn….along with all those nasty fleas!

  7. lady p

    frontline from the vets,not cheap but it works and they can give u a spray for the house or ring the council for enviromental health services.

  8. killtech pest control

    hi being in pest control for the past 25 years ,i feel i am a authority on this problem ,,,,1st frontline is ok if you plan to get your infestation dealt with . 2nd you need to get the house done first ,then the cats ,,,if your pest control agent is any good he or she will tell you not to hoover for fourteen days after application ,,,,this is needed to break the cycle of hatching. 3rd frontline will not keep your cats free from fleas ,it will just kill the one that bite it ,,,,as to the sugesstion that a 300ml can of aerosol will do a 3 bedroomed house ,,,,well sorry it wont ,,its very expensive and wont do what you want it to ,,,,,if you require anymore info please dont hesatate to contact me mervadlam@btinternet.com hope this helps


    We used to keep cats and found flea collars the answer. Though it took a few days, it seemed to work.

  10. WP Robot for Wordpress

    You really can’t beat combing your cats to get rid of fleas. Get a fine toothed flea comb and have a bowl of warm, soapy water nearby. Comb your cat from head to toe. When you catch a flea, tap the brush on the edge of the bowl and the flea should fall into the water.
    Also buy a specialised cat flea treatment, eg front line and use as directed. These can be used monthly to prevent flea infestation on your cat. You can buy these from supermarkets as well as vets etc.
    Flea bombs for your house are another option. Obviously your cats should not be in the house while it is set off, so if you have house cats its not really an option. I think it releases a gas which kills fleas living in fabrics etc.
    Hoover your house. Hoover everything in sight. Sofa, curtains, rugs, cushions…anything. This does take forever but its worth it to get rid of the things.
    To help get fleas out of your carpet (if you have carpet that is)
    lay down some white paper (A4)
    put a clear shallow dish down on top of the paper
    fill the dish with water and a drop or two of washing up liquid
    Shine a light directly onto the water/dish (about 30cms away)
    Leave overnight!
    In the morning you should have lots of fleas floating around, trapped in the water. Just tip them down the sink and repeat.

  11. Debi

    Pay a visit to your vet and buy some Frontline and a household spray ( eg Indorex) then treat all the cats and the house in one go. Don’t forget to spray under furniture and around skirting boards etc. It’s not cheap but it will work. If you buy the rubbish from the pet shops it will end up costing far more because it just won’t do the job and you will be buying more and more of it to try to solve the problem. Believe me it’s not worth messing about with. Ask your vet for the best deals you can get.

  12. Ylang-Yl

    Contact the council and have your house sprayed. It is the only way,and get the cats de-fleaed at the vets too as the fleas become immuned to the over the counter treatments.

  13. Chalice

    Treatment is available from vets: Frontline, Advantage, Revolution or Advocate. You can get Frontline without having to bring the cat to the vets with you.
    Please do not fall for the cheap flea treatments available in stores because they don’t work, and many are dangerous.
    You will probably have to spray your house as well, since this is where most of the fleas are living. Again, get something from a vets, not a pet store. So no ‘bombs’ or foggers – and no sprinkling Borax or salt around as people on here often suggest. Borax should not be used around animals.

  14. Andrew L

    Frontline which is a liquid applied to the nape of the neck. Available from vets (expensive) or online (a bit cheaper).

  15. Kevan M

    Vets treatments include Frontline and normally a strong spray for the house. Our last treatment cost £50. Well worth it though, no little black fiends since 8 months ago!

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