I need a safe nontoxic way to rid house, and yard of fleas.
I have birds, so i have to be careful. All serious answers appreciated, all others keep to your self .
Thank you



  1. Barbie

    Sevin Dust by Ortho. Walmart carries it as well as other retailers. Need to get the one specifically for poultry. Can use it every where in your home and on dogs and other such animals.

  2. humor4fm

    I just had to respond to this issue. For 20 or more years i’ve used this product. Plain Table salt. Pick up all pet water. Sprinkle iodized table salt on floors and in cracks and leave on carpet for 5 days. it will not harm pets or floors or carpet. It dehydrates the fleas and the eggs. After 5 days goes by, just use your vacuum cleaner and suck up all the salt and wahh laaa all the fleas and the eggs are gone. No harm done to pets, or birds, and carpets are in pristine condition. Mind you i have a very good vacuum cleaner to suck up all the salt, but that should have no bearing on it. Salt is still cheaper then any poison you put down, or hiring an exterminator. I’ve used this method for 20 yrs and it’s done a wonderful job.
    Good luck all

  3. DSL

    I just called Hotshot and my veterinarian for a flea issue. They said to treat the pet, I have cats so I used Front line, ask your vet what can be used on birds. Then I sprayed the problem area, which is where they sleep, with Hot Shot Home Insect Clear. Hot Shot said I also could have used their Flea and Pet Spray (But not on the pet). They said not to use a fogger unless planning to treat the entire house and having pets and self elsewhere for a minimum of 3 hours, anyhow, the directions give you this and all other information needed. I also read that the yard should be treated too. Good Luck with your issue. I hope this helps.

  4. pauley

    I would put fresh eucalyptus leaves in the bottom of cage. Just a sprig or 2. The fleas run from this but it won’t hurt your birds

  5. ?

    Hello..well I use borax ( 20 mule team in laundry sections ) sprinkle on carpeting, dog beds… just before going to bed & vacuuming it in the morning…@least once a week…combing pets with fine metal animal combs… when I use flea drops..I only put it where fleas like to hang out on the dogs or cats – tail base – where tail meets body & top center of the neck..the spots hard to reach for most animals so fleas often nest in these spots on the critters..nothing gets rid of them all..bout all you can do is try to control them & our dogs have penned areas without grass – fleas love lawns..Take Care 🙂 PS. wasn’t sure if Sevin was OK around birds, but barbie says it works, so good too..we use that around our reptiles safely, just wasn’t sure bout birds..Thx Barbie 🙂

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