my dog has fleas and i cant get rid of them. i have bought shampoos collars and dips but they dont work when ever i wash her like 10 min later shes full of fleas. AAAAAAAARRRRRRR please help, i feel sorry for her couse all she does is scratch and a lot. my brother says she can die is that true?????



  1. miss mara

    You need to use frontline or advantix on your dog. Flea collars and dips do not work and can make your dog sick. Yes she can die, the fleas consume her blood and she can become severely anemic. One of the best things you can do is vacuum your capets.

  2. Alexis P

    you need to vaccum really good and wash all ur dog’s stuff. the way i get rid of my dog’s fleas (ON HER) is to use Dawn dishsoap it kills em instantly but they will probably run to your dogs head so wash it to just dont get it in its eyes.

  3. smittnli

    take her to the vet so they can give him somehting
    also, and then treat your home
    i dont know about dying from fleas alone
    but fleas can spread disease and parasites, worms that can kill your dog and even be passed on to you
    so definitely get an appt with the vet

  4. sophylak

    your house is infested…. go purchase FLEA BOMBS from the store ( relatively inexpensive) remove yourself and your pets and set one off in each room ( per packages instructions) wait the allotted time and then vaccum thoroughly,,,,,, you may want to repeat in a few days

  5. duckinhi

    front line, its not cheap like at least 17$ a month but it works. garlic will will stink!there are a few others i think google it.good luck

  6. energy pendant

    You need to get something called Knock-Out which you can only purchase at a vet, it is a high potency spray for furniture and carpet. They also will give you a pill to give your animal that will kill the fleas once it hits the blood stream but of course also use Frontline (that is the best). Continue to use Frontline very month for maintenance.

  7. grace k

    get the ones you put behind their necks. the spot ones. they r more expensive but r the best. u can get them from the vet perhaps or a good pet store..

  8. mcc

    Crate the dog somewhere else in the house and vacum everything – bedding (human and dog) should be washed as well, concentrate on the corners of rooms. You can sprinkle some baby powder on the carpeted floors and that does as well as sprinkling flea powders on the carpets and sofas – it will also help you know where you have vacumed.
    After the whole house is vacumed take the dog – still in the crate to a vet or groomer for a flea bath to kill the existing flees. Then treat with something topical to kill the fleas that will hatch shortly. Wash out the crate before you put the dog back in it.
    Before you let the dog out of the crate – vacum everything again.
    That might do it – since fleas have an egg -larva- adult life cycle you will likely need to vacum througly ever other day.
    Treat your yard – there are some products that you can attach to your hose and the water mixes with the solution – keep pets off until the grass is dry.
    Treat basement – even if it is unfinished
    My parents eventually gave up and we ripped out the carpet and put in wood laminate – we just couldn’t get the fleas out of that carpet.
    Good luck – it can be a daunting task.

  9. Rail E

    Make sure you treat the yard and the house for fleas! Get the little tubes of liquid that you put on the dogs neck/back, an expensive example is Frontline. If you live in the South where fleas don’t die in the winter, you will have to treat your yard year-round. If you have somewhere to keep her other than your place, I would advise it. Then, bomb your house, treat your yard, and stay out as long as the bomb tells you to. You will have to treat the house more than once if you have a bad problem, especially with carpet. Most flea killers only kill the live fleas, not their eggs. So when they hatch, you will have a whole new batch of bugs. That is why you have to treat multiple times.
    Yes, fleas can be dangerous to your dog. Fleas suck their blood. If there are a lot of fleas, she will lose a lot of blood, but not enough to kill her. However, it taxes her immune system and can create sores on her skin, further taxing the immune system. You can get some of the cheaper flea stuff at like Wal-mart, but if at all possible, get the Frontline or the other one from your vet. If you don’t treat the house and yard, you will never get rid of the fleas.

  10. Chalice

    Shampoos and dips don’t work, as I’m always trying to tell people. The dog just gets reinfested once dry, as you’ve discovered.
    You need to get a treatment from a vets. No pet store flea treatments work, including the spot-ons (‘back drops’) that they sell. Stores aren’t allowed to sell the drugs that are actually effective against fleas, so any stuff they sell only contains useless, and sometimes dangerous chemicals.
    Get some Frontline, Advantage, Revolution or Advocate from a vets. Don’t bath the dog for 48 hours before applying it, or the stuff can’t spread through the skin properly – make sure you get the stuff on the skin too, not the fur and it will keep the dog safe from fleas for at least a month. If you’ve bathed within the last 48 hours you can buy a Capstar from a vet to use in the meantime, these work well but only temporarily, they will tide you over until you can use Frontline or whatever.
    You will also need to get a housespray from your vets, as this is where most of the fleas are – this is how your dog is getting reinfested after you bath him, shampoos are not preventatives.
    EDIT: And no, your dog won’t die – fleas only kil young, tiny animals that don’t have much blood. But the dog will be very uncomfortable, and will probably also catch tapeworm from the fleas.

  11. tigger_3

    TO get rid of fleas you need to take care of the house as well as the dog. There will be fleas everywhere your dog has been. You will want to vacuum the floors and everything after you wash the dog but before they are back running around.

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