do the fleas that live on cats also live on dogs



  1. Chalice

    There’s a species of cat flea, and a species of dog fleas, and even a species of human fleas. The cat flea will bite pretty much anything that moves, including humans. Dog fleas only bite dogs. Most fleas you see will tend to be cat fleas because they’re so unfussy.

  2. ~JeSuS FrEaK aNd PrOuD oF iT~

    they can but dog fleas are way stronger than cat fleas….but cat fleas will go onto dogs and any other things that have the texture they like….like fuzzy and furry things….carpets, blankets, clothes, couches, anything….anyways…hope this helped and good luck…

  3. Cat-Lady

    Get FRONTLINE from vets or 1-800-pet-meds, Petmeds would be cheaper than the vets.Then for carpets buy that green sgts. Dog shampoo and a large spray bottle,mix a half a cup shapoo and the rest warm water,spray all carpets let dry then vacuum it up,do this twice a week.And the fleas will be gone!!! Know this I had to do my house one time,and it really works.!!!!!Good Luck!!!!!

  4. Scarface Cat

    yes they are both the same likings and both make flea dirt(which are tiny specs of blood which they suck on and they are not eggs)

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