How do you get rid of fleas!Help!



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    Fleas do not live on your pet, they live in dark places in your home and then jump on your pet to feed. The best means of getting rid of them permanently is to spray your home.
    Advantage works virtually instantly to stop flea bites because it causes neurological damage to fleas in a few minutes that stop them from biting

  2. Cynthia

    Advantage is the best thing I have ever used and I live in Florida. It also makes their fur much softer… you’ll see. And you can get it cheaper on E-bay than from the vet.

  3. You call that CHANGE?

    We are in the peak season of fleas right now! There are safe products you can get from the vets… Anything bought over the counter can cause harm to your pets.
    Advantage or Frontline would be what you would want.

  4. Baa_Baa_

    a spot on helps best on large pets like dogs and cats (frontline and advantage are the best) while small pets just use a house treatment such as a flea fogger or spray

  5. cutie22

    Have a professional come and spray. Be sure to use a product such as frontline or advantage on your pets.

  6. Huh?

    You didn’t say if you had a pet or not, so assuming that you do, you first give your pet a flea bath or you can take it to the vet to be dipped. I’ve actually dipped my cat at home before. Tricky, but it can be done. Then you thoroughly clean any cage, if they have one. Keep the pet in a clean flea free area for now, like a cleaned cage or one of those travel crates or carriers. For future reference, they make prevantative treatments now that you put on your pets skin(Advantage, Revolution and others ask your vet) and it kills fleas for several months, some of them actually work so well, the flea never gets a chance to bite. Now it’s time to clean the house. Make sure you get into the corners really well, and around the base boards. Fleas love it there. Couch cracks too. You can treat your house with powder or spray or “bombs”, you’ll have to leave the house if you use the bombs though. Lot of them work, but be careful around pets. Makes sure you clean everything after you used the pesticide and don’t expose fish or birds to it either. Keep a flea collar in your vacuum cleaner bag and vacuum the house thoroughly. That’ll ensure all the fleas you vacuum up that weren’t dead yet will die in the vacuum. They won’t come out and lay more eggs. You’ll have to repeat the procedure at least once in 7 – 14 days, to make sure that you get those fleas that just hatched from eggs you missed.
    You could also call a professional. It’s more expensive, but they usually offer to keep coming back until the problem is under control, at no additional charge. Your call. Now, after your home is flea free, it’s time to treat your yard. Go pick up stuff that’s laying around, so you can spray everywhere and spray the entire yard. Fleas live out in your yard and will hitch a ride into the house with any warm blooded creature crossing their paths, so unless you take care of the yard as well you may just get them back real soon. Do not allow your pets or kids on the lawn for a little while, since it is a pesticide you are treating it with. Read the instructions on the bottle.
    Anyhow, good luck………it’s a job, but it’s gotta be done.

  7. Lea

    DON’T use Frontline on rabbits – it might kill it – powders are better for rabbits, liquids are dangerous, as rabbits will not like getting wet, and will lick themselves and swallow more of the product. Please read here for what to use and how to use it -…… (see “Flea Control Tips”)

  8. country girl

    If they are in your yard, you need permethrin 10% its a liquid. you dilute it with water. Check at feed store for it.

  9. marie c

    I suggest using frontline plus. It kills fleas, flea EGGS , ticks and chewing lice. Advantage DOES NOT kill the eggs and there is no point in killing the fleas if they have laid eggs and you are not killing the eggs. Get it.

  10. Darlene r

    you have fleas wow never heard that before, my gosh, maybe try takin a shower more often cuz mayb that is the reason you have fleas crawling around

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