Ive got fleas in my house from a cat I had>I dont know what to do im a clean freak and these things are driving me nuts.


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    Vacuum the carpet, chairs, and sofa and dispose of the used vacuum cleaner bag immediately. Then, treat the carpet with Ortho Flea-B-Gon Total Flea Killer Indoor Spray (or Fogger). You can spray your yard with Ortho Flea-B-Gon Total Flea Killer Outdoor Spray. Maybe these products can be found at Amazon, Yahoo Shopping, or Ortho homepage.

  2. AbeLinco

    Is it a real house or an apartment?
    If its a house you can use sulfur candles, you might have to make your own, I only know about them from what my grandparents told me about them many years ago.
    You have take all living things out of your house, as the poisonous sulfur dioxide gas will kill everything, including the fleas, houseplants (and people if they stay) People with asthma might have a problem getting back into the house without having an attack
    The windows are closed,and the house remains vacant for the day while the gas kills every thing. Air it out really well before other people or pets return.
    About 5% sulfur dissolved in candle wax, , its cheep, but your house might smell like hell. Be sure the candles are placed well away from paper and other flammable objects.
    Vacume cleaners can pick up the eggs, and even careless fleas, be sure to vacume under loose carpets as they lay their eggs there.

  3. garden_b

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  4. john s

    Well be prepared to spend some money. Because, well the fleas live in your carpet and in your bedding especially if the cat liked to sleep in the beds and or couches sofa’s and whatnot… your going to have to rip up the carpet and install a new one…the insecticide bombs work well but if not done right you may blow your house up….and you could use the carpet spray…but it’s only a temporary fix…spray the couches and rip up and replace the carpet. and they’ll be gone.!!!!!!!!

  5. juata-nu

    the best way i learned was to sprinkle salt on your carpet and on your floors,it will be gritty for a while ,but it will get rid of them

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    Hopefully the cat is either gone or treated. To get rid of them from clothes, bedding etc.. you must wash and then dry them on HIGH heat . . to kill them. To get them out of your carpet may require an exterminator come out. Good Luck ! 🙂

  7. norman77

    I have had experience and I have answered this many times.. the ONLY way to get rid of fleas is to bathe the cat(if it will allow you to use water on it) with a GOOD.. not a walmart’s brand…. flea shampoo.. then with a sprayer, get at Home Depot, some spray to put into the sprayer(perhaps dilute it with water) and spray the house and particularly where the kitty sleeps.. make sure the kitty is NOT In the room though.. Do this on day one.. then one week later.. do it all over again… the fleas will have eggs and if you spray on day one. it will kill the fleas and their larvae.. then one week later, the eggs that fleas lay. will have hatched and the second spraying will kill them also.

  8. aahkansa

    Don’t wste your money on putting salts and powders down on your carpets Get your cat cleaned and call an exterminator. You may need several treatments. I knew a lady that had a dog awith fleas and when you went into her house the nasty little creatures would just jump all over me and I’d have the flea bites Needless to say I quit going there. NASTY……………………….. Do something now before it’s really infested

  9. goldielo

    We had them really bad when we lived in Florida. Bug bombs that you buy at the hardware store worked for us. We did two treatments three days apart. As one answer, you have to read the instructions so you don’t blow your house up.

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