I have 39 dogs, including the babies and we have just moved to a new home. I have found a few ticks on my dogs and some of them are scratching like crazy. The previous owners haven’t had a dog in years so there shouldn’t be too many ticks and fleas around. What can I use that really works to get rid of them and keep them away but won’t hurt my dogs and children?


  1. lavengro

    Any flea and tick spray (there are several brands) that contain the ingredient “pyrethrium.” Pyrethrium is made from crysanthemums, so it’s completely organic and won’t harm anyone. Also, try planting crysanthemums all around your property. Also plant “pennyroyal.” Both are natural deterrents to fleas and ticks.

  2. a2z_4me

    You have to spray, there are chemicals and a sprayer that attaches to a hose. That is your only hope. Then Full flea and tick baths for them all.

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