I am having trouble getting rid of fleas, not only on the kittens, but the dogs and other cats. I’ve tried many expensive treatments including frontline (not on the kittens yet). I don’t want to bomb the house yet because that would require moving all of my animals for hours, so does anyone have any flea meds that really work? Or home remedies will help too. Thanks! P.S I used Dawn dish soap on the kittens today, which I think might have helped some…


  1. Kylie

    dish soap is very effective. I used it on my kittens when they got fleas but you need to make sure that when you dry them off that you pull any fleas that are still alive off. They usually hide on their face so look there. Once you get them throw them in the toilet so there is no possibility that they will get back on your kitten. I tried frontline too on my dog and it didnt work so ask your vet for advantage instead. That seemed to work better. Keep them in the house because if you let them out they will just get fleas all over again.
    Good luck

  2. Via

    frontline or front line plus, use a flea comb and get them out, if u have them in ur yard u need to keep everyone out of the yard for like a day and spray the yard with flea killer, go stay with ur parents or sister or something and set off a bomb, works the best

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